STOP Worrying: 7 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

So, that’s it. You’ve just stepped outside after completing an interview for your dream job, that one interview you’ve been eating, breathing and dreaming about since you found out you had the opportunity.

But really as we all know, if you have been in this position, that is far from it. Now is the moment the real worrying begins, the starting to second guess yourself, the wondering if that joke you told was REALLY that funny. Sometimes it can be difficult to judge just how well the interview has gone, but now, we at Career Girl Daily have made that task a whole lot easier. So stop all the worrying and stress, read our article and get the inside info on just how well it really went.

#1 – Body language
Body language can tell you a lot about how the interview is going. Are they smiling, is there a lot of eye contact and are they nodding a lot to your answers? Also pay attention on how they are sitting, are their arms crossed or do they lean in and respond very engaging to the answers you are giving?

#2 – Your interview goes over time
If the interview runs over time a little, it possibly means the interviewer is interested in you and would like to know more. Which is obviously a good sign, but just make sure that it isn’t running over because you talk a little bit too much.

#3 – They discuss future plans
Plans for the future, specific projects that are coming up, changes in the team etc. If the interviewer already discusses those things with you, it is the indicator that they can see you working within their team. Especially when the interviewer refers to you as part of the team, instead of ”the successful candidate”, it is a brilliant indicator that your interview is going well.

#4 – They let you meet the team

When your interview is over and they want you to meet the team. Although it is pretty scary, it possibly means that they are interested in you based on the interview and would like to see how you are interacting with the team. So if this happens, put on your brightest smile and make sure you leave a good impression with the team.

#5 – Salary expectations
If they want to have an indication of how much you would like to earn, it is probably because they are interested in investing in you. Make sure you already have a salary range in mind and always know what you are worth!

#6 – Personal discussions
End up talking about more personal (not too personal) stuff and having a joke with the interviewer? Good job, you made a personal connection, which is always a good thing. Most employers are looking for someone they can have a positive relation with and who fits in the team, so if you are able to already make a personal connection during your interview, you made a very good impression.

#7 – Get back in 2 days
If they give you a specific time-scale of when they will get back to you, it means you are still in the race for round two or the position. If they are a bit vague like ”we will get back to you soon”, it is most of the time not a very good sign.

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Credit: Fast Company & Small Business