7 Stages Of A Girl’s Night Out

Hands up it’s the weekend! There’s nothing better than getting all your favourite girls together and having a girl’s night out, but we always come home saying “never again!”, the allure of the girl’s night out is too strong, so we know we’ll be going out again soon. Whether you spend your evening crying in a toilet or taking selfies with strangers, here are 7 stages of a girl’s night out we have all experienced!

#1 Taking 5 years to get ready

Getting ready is an art okay? You narrow down your outfit choices at least five times and keep changing in front of the mirror with a sad look on your face, before you know it you have to leave and you haven’t even started glueing your false lashes on or curling your hair.

#2 Falling over before you’ve even left the house

Yeah, right. You look about as graceful as a newborn foal trying to walk for the first time. You’re skittering everywhere, your ankles keep giving way, you’re clutching on to your one sensible friend who bought boots, and this is before you’ve even got to the taxi.

#3 Taking hundreds of selfies

You need selfies everywhere, in the mirror, in the taxi, in the toilet, with strangers, with bouncers and with your best friend. Most of the will be deleted in the morning (with horror) but right now, you need to drain your phone battery showing the world how pretty you are.

#4 The taxi is the best club in town

For some reason, when you get a group of girls in a taxi something crazy happens. You suddenly dominate the radio, flirt with the taxi driver, laugh maniacally and get super hyped up for the night out. It’s probably the best atmosphere you’ll experience all evening.

#5 You spend most of your night at the bar

Yeah, you’re just trying to get a drink and a bottle of water. It’s so unbearably hot, but it seems like the bar staff are ignoring you in favour of people who’ve only just got to the bar. You wait at least an hour and decide to buy 10 drinks in one go to avoid going back there ever again.

#6 You’re ready to leave…but someone just won’t go

You’re in the club, hot, more sober than you’d like and your feet hurt. You’ve probably swatted away a few handsy guys (sad fact about being in a club!) and you keep yawning. You’re so ready to leave, take off your shoes and unwind but there’s always one friend who’s having the time of her life.

You approach her more than once to remind her that the club is closing soon and the taxi queue will get long, but she just swats you away and continues dancing like a lunatic with her test tube shots and glowstick bracelets that definitely didn’t come from this club.

#7 FOOD!

No matter how much you wanted to go home, the allure of food after a night out is too strong. You’ve seen girls lightly kicking the door of Subway in annoyance when it’s closed in the early hours of the morning and you kind of understand their struggle.

All you want now is the biggest pizza in the world, two burgers and a stack of chips too embarrassing to eat alone. The girl’s night is over and you won’t fit into your dress after this meal but hey – you had fun right?

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Featured Photo: Collagevintage.com

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    This is sooo true



  • http://www.mediamarmalade.com/ mediamarmalade

    These are all so true haha, especially number 4 & 7

    Mel x


  • http://www.ohjanuary.blogspot.co.uk Hannah Lucy

    4 & 6 everytime!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • http://rawrbows.blogspot.com.es/ Ariadna Morell

    I ALWAYS have to get food after a night out hahah and it’s rarely anything healthy!! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

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