7 Steps To Manifesting Your Dream Life


I often wonder how to manifest anything I want. Often, I find myself waiting for the clock to hit 11:11 so I can make a wish that my dreams will come true one day. I’ve been doing that for nearly 5 years, nothing has changed. 

I’m very superstitious, as a person and I think that’s why I believed that making a wish at 11:11 would make my dreams come true. Until I read a book called ‘Good vibes, Good life’  by Vex King. It completely changed my perspective on life in general and especially how I  can use manifestation to create a better life for myself. 

Change requires action 

Ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing right now benefiting me or my goals in any way?”. If the answer is no, then make a change. Take action. The only person who has control of your goals and dreams is you. Yes, an employer may decide whether you get the job or not,  however, you can increase the chances of getting that dream job by taking action and working hard. If you’re wondering how to manifest anything, remember you also need to work for it.


Be consistent. It may seem like you’re doing everything you can and nothing is changing, but that’s where you have to learn to trust the process because one day you’re consistent hard work will pay off. Make a routine for yourself. I love to use my ‘Getting stuff done’ planner. It allows me to plan everything from my expenses to how much water I’m consuming that day. I feel on top of my jobs when using my planner because I can tick things off and make sure I’m consistent on a day to day basis. 

Change your vocabulary 

Stop saying, “I wish” or “Imagine if” and start saying “I will” and “I’m going to make this happen”. Negative vocabulary will change your way of thinking. Automatically it’s telling your brain that you can’t have what you wish for and your dreams are just a figment to the imagination. I started changing the way I thought and therefore changed my vocabulary I  was using when I was talking and writing about my goals and it’s made me so much more proactive. This is the key when thinking about how to manifest anything.

Stop procrastination 

It’s easy to write a to-do list and say that you’re going to get stuff done. It’s not so easy to get up and get on with it. I understand what it’s like to procrastinate. I would even rather clean my bathroom sometimes than get on with my never-ending lists! However, as I said previously, you are the only person in control of the present. Your lists aren’t going to get any shorter if you keep procrastinating.

Make room for failure & grow 

Remember that it’s acceptable to fall, you just have to find the strength to get back up.  Failure makes you resilient. Allow it to happen. Nowadays, the word “failure” has a bad reputation. It makes you feel like you aren’t good enough and that you’ll never be able to reach your goals. I’ve changed my perspective of failure and I now see it as a way to grow and learn from my mistakes. Don’t be afraid of it, it’s all part of the process on how to manifest anything.

Have patience 

Patience is a virtue. Everything will come in good time. Remind yourself daily that nothing happens overnight. If you want to reach your goals, it will happen for you. You just need to have patience and trust the process. 

Prioritize long-term gains 

When reading ‘Good vibes, good life’ by Vex King, he said something that resonated with me, which was, “You’re not missing out on anything great if you’re using that time to make your life greater”. So powerful and so true. I think often, I find myself getting upset and down that, I’m missing out on what bloggers/influencers are getting to experience now in the present, like fashion shows, big events, etc.

Then I remember what Vex King said, and something has never made more sense to me. You may not be experiencing the most exciting life right now but hang in there, because one day you will look back and be grateful for all the hard and long days you had working towards that goal that you WILL reach.

Written by Hannah Christer (@hannahchrister)


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