7 Struggles All Ambitious Career Girls Have To Deal With

Being an ambitious Career Girl does come with some struggles. Our career and fabulous lifestyle balance are not always easy to maintain and we have to deal with a lot of prejudices and people who claim to know how we feel or how we must live our life.

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Luckily for us, in times of these struggles, we still have each other. We understand one another and know exactly what the other is going through. So on this Friday we cheers to women empowerment!

#1 – Self-doubt

Those moments of self-doubt, that although you know you have amazing accomplishments and know your worth, the fact that fewer women make it to the top and generally earn less than men (for whatever reason), makes you doubt yourself and wonder if you have got what it takes.

#2 – Being called a bitch

When you are assertive as a Career Girl you are often called a ”bitch” while for a man it would be a ”go-getter”.

#3 – People telling you ”you can’t have it all”

Although I am not quite sure what people mean by ”all”, I am sure we can have it!

#4 – Fears about your future work-life-family balance

Even thought it might be years away, people already start asking questions about what I am going to do once I am ready to have kids (I can barely take care of myself at the moment, so just let me be and I am sure everything will work out in the end).

#5 – Subtle moments of sexism

Those ‘Wow, you are bitchy today, you must be on your period’ or ‘You get coffee since the kitchen is where you belong anyway comments still happen nowadays. Although some are meant as a joke, for some women this is not funny.

#6 – Some people that expect you only compete with other women

If there is a position I want to have, I really don’t care about genders, competitors are competitors. We want to be the best in what we do, and there is no gender in that.

#7 – People who think you are a men hater

Apparently some people think you can’t be ambitious and like men at the same time. And then there are some people who think higher educated and ambitious women will never have a husband. We don’t hate men (we actually really love them) and yes, we do have boyfriends and husbands!

What are your biggest struggles as a Career Girl? Let us know and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to!

  • Kelsey

    I love this blog, but please do a grammar check before posting! The misuse of “your” on a blog dedicated to career oriented women is a little discouraging.

    • Lois

      Hi Kelsey,

      Thanks for the comment! You are absolutely right, we should have checked better before. :)

      X Lois

  • Emily Nunn

    The continuous stigma around career women is astounding, and many of those listed I have heard. Great post as always.


  • http://carlybellexo.com Carly

    This list rings so true! It’s easy to doubt yourself when you’re making choices about family and careers. Love this post! xx

  • http://www.UptownBlonde.com Abby

    Amen Sista! I especially like the one about future work-life-family balance! It’s amazing that people still just assume that the woman is going to stay at home with the kids.

  • http://www.clare-without-an-i.com Clare

    This is so true!

    I recently had it at work where a member of HR was questioning my age to a colleague of mine when hearing how much I earn, also going on to say i earn too much already when i asked about my objectives going forward! Ugh!!

    Clare | http://www.clare-without-an-i.com

  • http://www.mintnotion.com eden

    It’s amazing the negative stigma that effect career women, great post. Hopefully things will look more positively for career women soon :)


  • http://chronicdreamer.blogspot.com/ Saria

    I’ve had My own mother and My annoying uncle tell Me I should tune it down as I am at the end of the day a girl and shouldn’t forget that. Their meaning was You shouldn’t get so driven career-wise because You are a girl, You one day will find this clashes with Your “position” as a girl in life. I remember that made Me so ridiculously angry, especially that it was My mother than made Me go into Engineering, something I really dislike… Sad world.
    Stay strong ladies.

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

  • http://meilijourney.blogspot.com Vanessa

    I personally battle with self-doubt and the struggle between career and family. I am the girl who wants the best of both worlds and I don’t care what people tell me, this is the life I want. But, I often doubt myself and I worry too much.

    ★ meilijourney.blogspot.com ★

  • http://www.lucyvandean.com Lucy Van Dean

    As long as those people are not in your inner circle you shouldn’t care what others think. If they are in your inner circle is time to reconsider your friends ;)

  • http://noelle-chan.blogspot.ca/ Noelle

    this is very true. nice post!


  • http://msritaz13.blogspot.ca Rita

    oh the struggle….so true! Thanks for sharing and reminding me i’m not alone.
    x Rita :)
    Blog: msritaz13.blogspot.ca

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