7 Things Every 20-Something Should Do Every Day

 tumblr_nmvvn8VzMP1rbolhxo1_1280Your twenties are supposedly the best years of your life, but if you’re a twenty something the chances are you won’t be making the most of them. A lot of the time we wish there was a handbook to being in your twenties, it seems a lot harder now than it was for our parents thanks to the internet, the economy, ugly selfies, house prices and all the news about how late we’ll be retiring. Unfortunately, a handbook to navigating your twenties doesn’t exist, but if you try to do some of these seven things every day, once you hit thirty everything will be easier!

1) Workout

Exercise now while it’s still relatively easy and your 30-year-old self will be extremely grateful. These are the years where if your fitness is lost it’s hard to get back, so save yourself from the wobbly bits while you still have the chance. That’s not to say you should hit the gym every single day, but a light walk and harder exercise every other day will set you right for the future!

2) Cook

Ordering your food is all too tempting, but your body won’t thank you for it. Taking the time to ensure you are nourishing yourself with real food will have an enormous effect on so many aspects of your life, and your overall well-being. We hate cooking for ourselves here at CGD, and we aren’t afraid to admit it, but these quick and easy meals are almost as convenient as ordering food to the door.

3) Speak to loved ones

Chances are you are off doing your own thing, but this shouldn’t mean that your relationships fail. The ups and downs of your twenties will make you value your loved ones more than ever, so make sure you take time out of each day to show them how appreciative you are. Check out this list of 5 friends you need to keep in your life, and see if you can spot any of yours!

4) Relax

There’s a whole heap of health problems related to stress, and while your twenties are supposed to be your wild years relaxing is pretty important too. Don’t get too caught up and make sure you take a little down time each day. Read what CGD’s Beth does to unwind after a stressful day of work if you need some inspo!

5) Skin-care

We have tonnes of great skincare tips for you, probably because here at CGD we go wild for looking after our skin. You may think you have good skin now, but the earlier you can start the better. Be sure to take your makeup off properly, cleanse and moisturise every night.

6) Know the world

Now that you are truly in the ‘real world’ you have to act like it. Knowing what’s going on around you, and making sure you are well-cultured is essential in your twenties. We recommend keeping up with the latest news, it helps to add some perspective to your day. You can also get involved in causes that you care about and let your voice be heard!

7) Do something you’ve never done before

Your twenties are the years to experiment and everyday is an opportunity to do exactly that. It can be something as small as going to that coffee shop you always admire, or as big as booking a trip away, but whatever it is make sure it’s something different. Here at CGD we’re always considering trying a new style or learning something new, the most important thing about your twenties is that there’s no real ‘guide book’ to what you should and shouldn’t do, just have fun and be connected to the people you love!

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  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr camille

    This is such a great way of seing life

  • http://cocoamay.blogspot.co.uk Catherine

    Great post! Definitely agree with all the points – especially about exercising and eating right x

    • Celina

      Thanks Catherine :)

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