7 Beautiful Things You Need On Your Desk Right Now


You might have not realized it but your desk is probably that one thing in your room that says the most about you. It’s really important that your house has the right energy and is comfortable, if you need a guide we’ve got you.

Speaking from the personal experience of a really messy person (aka me) a desk can be everything: it is the place where I work, where I keep my medicine, where I throw all the various business cards or flight and train tickets, sometimes it is my lunch spot, but it is also the place where I display all the cool items that I like to collect. So here is a list of the coolest things you need on your desk for the perfect home office.


A Plan Of Attack Pad


You need this pad if you’re going to be trying out our motivational lists. It’s important to have your days (kind of) planned, especially if your head, like mine, is in the clouds most of the time!


Make Sh*t Happen Notebook


Well, what better reminder than this notebook? Success requires dedication but also willingness to get up and do whatever it takes to fulfil your dreams. Here’s 5 things that successful people don’t do if you need a reminder.


Banana Leaf Mouse Pad


Sick of using a notepad for your mouse? Us, too. This cute round mouse pad is super handy because it’ll probably fit in your chic laptop bag, too!


Power Bank Mobile Charger_11538512

This has to be simply the cutest portable charger you have ever seen! Whenever your phone is low and needs the extra boost, this beauty will make sure it goes the extra mile!


Set Of Printed Note Cards And Envelopes642627_in_pp

You never know who you might want to thank so why not do it with the most stylish cards around?


City Guides

658014_in_ppA desk can also be the best place to plan your next holiday destination. This set of guides will make you want to jump on the first plane to one of the 5 chicest Asian cities, guaranteed!


Cork Globe


If ‘wanderlust’ is the word that describes you best, you need to absolutely have this on your desk! And make sure to pin all the destinations you have already visited, you lucky globetrotter!

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  1. These are so adorable! I think the cork globe is my favorite because that would be so fun to pin past trips and plan new ones. I also always have a notepad/to-do list on my desk to keep me on track. Otherwise I feel like nothing gets done.

    Sweet Horizon

  2. I’m loving that cork globe, definitely going to have to add that to my list! -G,x

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