7 Things Only People Who Love Their Career Will Understand


When you love your career it’s hard to understand when others are constantly moaning about their colleagues or the tasks they have to do, and even though morning’s are still hard, it’s easy enough to get out of bed when you actually look forward to the day. Here are 7 things only you will understand…lucky you!

You get excited at the idea of more work.

For most people, having more tasks to do is a drag, but for you, piling the jobs onto your plate is exciting. You even look forward to planning your work day out!

It’s a lot harder to leave work at work.

Yeah we all know that we should switch off and not allow our work to bleed into our personal lives, but when you love your job it’s so much harder to stop. You keep coming up with new strategies, plans and emails you want to send!

You feel charged after a day of work.

Instead of drained, you are the one skipping out of the office making plans for the evening as if you haven’t just spent your day working your butt off. Because you love your job so much right now, you look forward to completing a day rather than dread it.

You feel awkward when talking about careers with friends.

Sometimes, when all your friends are moaning about how much they hate going into work, you feel a little smug but also mostly bad. Sure you have things you complain about, but you know you’re really lucky and you hope your friends find something they love, too.

The alarm isn’t as hard as it should be.

God, you still hate mornings, don’t we all? But the alarm is a little easier on you than it is on others because you know you’ll be up and working on something you love in no time. You’re so lucky!

You are more invested in the company.

Yep, you love your job, so you’re really enthusiastic about everything. If you make a mistake you’re the first to feel the shame and disappointment, even if everyone around you is saying it’s fine, you offer yourself for extra work and you’re not even ashamed that you know most people’s names and positions. You just love this job!

Your job is your favourite subject.

You love it when someone asks you what you do, or when the topic of careers comes up because you get to talk all about what you do and why you love it. Others might be jealous, but you get to encourage them to find something that they can wake up for in the morning, too!

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    I really hope I’ll love my future job that much



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