7 Things To Spend Money On That You’ll Never Regret


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It’s so easy in this day and age to spend money. We’re constantly bombarded with advertisements on TV, at the movies, online, in magazines. Not to mention the celebrities advertising the newest hair vitamin or pair of shoes on Instagram.

But whilst it can be easy to fall into a trap of overspending, what are the things that you should spend money on? And not necessarily just spend on but not have purchase-regret later on? What are the things that will enrich your life, invest in your future and really make you happy?

The best version of something you use regularly:

Strange place to start right? But think about the last time you went to slice an apple and the cheap knife you bought was dull. Again. Or think about when you get your hair dyed. You could spend a fortune on box dyes from the supermarket or you could get a great dye job from a nice salon that lasts for six months. We’re talking quality over quantity here. In the long run, you’ll save money and have better quality.

Good quality food:
There is definitely something to be said for spending the money on good quality fresh food every week. The better quality your food, the more nutrition you’ll get out of it. And try considering organic – most supermarkets stock organic fruit, veg and meat now. They won’t be covered in pesticides or chock full of hormones and antibiotics. Once you start eating high-quality food, you’ll realize you never want to buy freezer meals ever again!

There are few things more beneficial than continuing your own education, even after you’ve left school and finished university. I love to learn new languages in after-work classes or even just read books on interesting topics. You never know when these skills will be necessary for advancing your career and your life in general. That amazing job in Paris will be that much more attainable after six months of French lessons!

A beautiful home:

We’re not talking about getting in way over your head with a huge mortgage. Just think about things like your mattress. They’re expensive but for good reason! You spend a third of your life on them. The same goes for sheets. Buy a good quality mattress and sheets and your rested mind and body will thank you. It’ll also last way longer. So buy the goose down duvet and even splash out on silk pillowcases (they’re much better for your skin!).

A financial safety net:
You need to spend money on your savings account for it to start accumulating. If you have debts, work to pay them off and when that’s done, see if you can set aside that same amount of money for your savings account. It’s what you’ll be living on when you can’t work anymore (or if you’ve saved enough and want to retire!). Do you want a retirement that looks like bread and baked beans every day or do you want a retirement that looks like cruise ships and cocktails?

Broaden your horizons:
See if you can’t save a bit more money for some travel. See the sights, broaden your horizons, enrich your cultural appreciation while visiting new countries and new cities. Try exotic food and listen to strange music. If you want to keep costs low then look at travel tours where flights and hotels are included. Or check out websites like Expedia and Wotif to book low cost yet amazing holidays.


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  • Emily Miller

    Great post x


  • Emily Hight

    I’ve always said that the bed & bedding is THE most important thing in the bedroom. So true!

  • Carrie Khodanian

    I think saving for travel is one of the best things you can do. When you travel, you gain memories and experiences that last a lifetime!

    Carrie | http://carrieelise.com/

  • Elishia

    Totally on board with this list, especially the home section. My mattress and sheets are the best thing in the world!


  • Megan McCormick

    I agree 110% about buying higher quality of food. Sometimes its hard to see the value as we have to eat every single day, but we’ll be thanking ourselves in the future!

    Megan | http://www.masteringhealth.co

  • Natalie Harney

    A good mattress is a splurge that’s so worth it, it’s hard to put a price on a good night’s sleep

    – Natalie

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