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7 Things Successful Career Girl Always Have In Their Bag

7 Things Successful Career Girl Always Have In Their Bag

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A career girl’s handbag should be full of the essentials and only that, but realistically there is no end to what can be found inside. If used effectively a handbag can be so much more than a fashion statement, and could in fact, be the secret behind every successful career girl. While it may attract junk, and hold a collection of pointless items, these 7 things must absolutely be amongst all the clutter.

A Kick-Ass Business Card
Opportunities to network are everywhere, and you never know when one may unexpectedly arise. Having a decent business card handy means you are always equipped to impress, and develop your career at any given chance.

Our Phone = Our Life
A mobile phone or a tablet can seriously contribute to the success of your career. They are great tools for being organise and creating plenty of opportunities, but they are no use when they have no battery. The gadgets cannot be relied on without backup, so save yourself the embarrassment and always carry around the charger.

Inspiration Is Everywhere
In this day and age and notebook and pen has become pretty redundant. Why carry one around when your mobile phone does the exact same? To be a successful career girl you have to be prepared for all situations, and having a notebook and pen is essential in ensuring that you are. What’s more the expression of ideas is much more successful when written down, allowing you to be as creative as possible at all times.

A Small Makeup Bag
Lipstick, deodorant and hand sanitizer are staples to any career girl’s handbag. Being prepared for any make up disasters, bad body odour or messy moments will make you fully equipped allowing you to go about your day without unnecessary stress. You never know what might happen throughout the day, so even if you feel like you won’t need these items it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A Healthy Snack
Being hungry brings out everybody’s worst side. It makes you grouchy, effects your concentration and means that you are likely to reach for whatever food you can get your hands on. Being prepared with a healthy snack at all times means that you can avoid a negative effect on both your work, and on your diet.

Having cash helps you to be prepared for all sorts of emergencies. While using a card seems all to easy, it’s important for the process to not be completely relied upon. Your card may not work, may get stolen or where you are trying to make a purchase simply may only accept cash, so being prepared can stop you getting into some sticky situations.

An umbrella
Let’s be honest, who can really trust the weather forecast? There can be zero chance of rain and it still wouldn’t be surprising to see a shower. The drowned look is not a good one, and it’s hard to look like a successful career woman when you are wearing it. Be prepared and have a solid umbrella handy at all times, don’t let the rain catch you out.

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  1. Saria says

    I’d add a book or My Kindle to that as I never know when I would want to kill time, and spending that time on Your phone is not as productive.

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

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