7 Things Successful People Do Every Monday


Got a bad case of the Mondays on Sunday evening? Some Mondays are harder than others, particularly if you’ve got a hard week ahead of you or if you really, really enjoyed yourself at the weekend. Don’t worry, successful people have to get to work on a Monday morning too. This is how they survive…

1. They exercise

Working out will get your blood pumping and help you get into a great mood before the Monday morning slog. There’s a reason why Anna Wintour wakes up early to work out. Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan US walks her dogs on a Monday morning to get a much-needed endorphin boost.

2. They arrive early

The last thing you need on a Monday is a horrendous commute, and it can be so much worse after the weekend, which is why successful people try to get in just that little bit earlier and have everything set up already!

3. They check their emails first thing

It’s tempting to get sucked into emails, so when you’re in the office, check the news for any important headlines and check your emails for anything that needs an urgent response. You can always snooze the other emails and come back to them in the afternoon.

4. They work on their mood

Smiling and staying positive is the key to surviving Monday, your brain might still be in weekend mode but by greeting your teammates and smiling more than usual, you’ll lift the spirits of everyone in your team and make yourself feel better about leaving your bed in the early hours of the morning.

5. They stay focused

The most successful people in the office know what they have to do from the minute they walk in, they don’t have to ask anyone which tasks to start working on or wait for permission to get things done, they’ve already written their to-do lists. They stay focused on what needs doing and can say no to things that will take them off track.

6. They’ve already planned their week

Successful people know the importance of remembering that Monday is followed by Tuesday, they don’t forget that there’s a whole week ahead of them, so they plan it well and have enough time to do everything.

Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert, told Business Insider: “In all the chaos it’s easy to believe that the world will cave if you don’t solve all Monday’s problems on Monday. But when the dust settles at the end of the day, you may realize that certain tasks could have waited.”

7. They extend their weekend

It sounds crazy but if you have something to look forward to you might have more of a spring in your step on Monday. Plan an early dinner and catch-up with a friend, go to a movie after work or join a dancing class. Do something different that helps to boost your mood and keep you from the workweek slump!


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