7 Things Women Who Are Always On Time Do



The ability to be on time is becoming an increasingly prized talent.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be that girl who turns up to a meeting 15 minutes late and spends the remaining half an hour fiercely dabbing at her shiny forehead in a huffy daze.

Timing is of the essence, so here’s how to be on time, every time.


Set yourself alarms for important tasks
If you find yourself overloaded with projects, set alarms for tasks you think you may be likely to forget. This way, it gets done, and you don’t have to spend time worrying about it!

Keep preparation lists
If you have an important meeting/business trip coming up, keep a list of everything you’ll need to bring with you. This will save time, and you’ll avoid any last minute panics that could eventually make you late (or worse, frazzled)! Motivational lists could be the key to getting what you want this year, click here to find out why.

Keep a timeline of how long things will take
It’s all about planning. Successful career women always figure out how long they expect their projects to take in order to work them better into their timetable. The key here is to slightly overestimate for each project so you can complete everything in good time and cater for unforeseen disasters.

Leave enough journey time
Never, ever underestimate the destructive power of city traffic! If you have to head somewhere for your meeting, leave more than enough time to get there; even it’s borderline ridiculous. 20 minutes early is always better than 1 hour late. Check out our article on time management hacks every 20 something should know if you need some tips.

Prioritize the urgent things
If there are places to go and people to see, make sure you get the most important ones done first. This will help you keep to your word, stay on track with your targets and most importantly, you’ll turn up on time to the things that matter!

Don’t get distracted by people
People are the unexpected spanners in the works. Remember when you were on time but you ended up bumping into a friend and chatting for 20 minutes? Remember; if it’s important, ask them to email you. If not? You can go for cocktails and catch up later!

Have a good night’s sleep
When it comes to being on time, do not underestimate the power of sleeping! A sleepy person is a less efficient person. Remember that time you spent 3 hours hitting snooze and missed an important phone call? If you’re well rested you’ll be able to think more clearly and turn up fresh as a daisy ready to conquer the world. Plus, what you eat affects your sleep too – so make sure to check out our list of foods that will help you sleep!


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  1. Prioritizing the urgent things – something I’ve definitely been focusing on in 2016. A definite necessity!

  2. Aah sleep is so important! Also, I get distracted too soon by people, things in general. :P Great article! <3


  3. Sleep is definitely the most important thing on this list, ha! If you’re exhausted then you’ll be all over the place. But hey, nothing a strong cup of coffee can’t fix… temporarily ;)

    Thanks for sharing these tips.


  4. I always try to leave 20 minutes early living in the city. This accounts for at least train delays and unexpected situations. Sleep is huge for me too.

  5. A good night’s sleep is so important! I haven’t been getting enough zzz’s that’s for sure


  6. Definitely agree with keeping lists and prioritising tasks – I find that that always makes it easier to accomplish aby task on time!

    Plus, I definitely agree with @Elise aboit sleep being the most important thing:)

    Thanks for sharing these tips @Rashina Gajjar :)


  7. Great tips! it literally kills me not to be on time for anything. I am always the first person to arrive, and its because I make sure I schedule 5-10 minutes before the actual event starts for wiggle room.

  8. I’m all about sleep. It’s funny I’d sleep better when alarm is set…it makes me feel safer knowing I’ll have time to get things done before heading out the door.
    Great post
    xx Alexis
    YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

  9. This was such a good blog post!!! I can’t wait to start applying some of these tips to my life. Florida traffic is always the reason I am late…that and watching netflix/getting ready :P


  10. Prioritizing the urgent things, it’s kind of “eat your the ugliest frog first”!

  11. Great tips!! I’ll keep the time line tip in mind. I think it’s a great idea to add extra time for a project which I know I need to work on. ?

  12. Prioritizing, having enough rest, and keeping lists are so important. Thanks for sharing!


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