Seven Thoughts Every Career Girl Has When Her Alarm Goes off

Is there anything worse than the shrill noise of your alarm when you are rudely awoken from a blissful sleep? You have to get up, get showered, get dressed and get your butt out the door for work or school. It sucks. Here are 7 thoughts we all have in the morning when our alarm goes off…

#1 Isn’t it still the weekend?

Like seriously? The weekend seems to fly by ridiculously quickly. One minute it is Friday afternoon and in the blink of an eye Sunday evening has arrived. When your clock goes off on a Monday morning it is easy to wish it was still the weekend. Our advice is get up and seize the day with a positive frame of mind.

#2 Where is my phone?

Most career girls rely on their phone as soon as they awaken. Not only to turn that alarm off, but to connect with the world. It is natural to check social media and news sites. I love checking out some inspirational quotes on Instagram. I find it helps me jump out of bed with a little spring in my step.

#3 Bring me coffee

Just after Oxygen, coffee is necessary to function! Making an awesome home brew or planning to stop on the way to work for a latte is a great way to start the day.

#4 To snooze or not to snooze?

This is the toughest question of the day.  The lure of hitting the snooze button is sometimes way too strong. Our advice is to get up and enjoy a little time to yourself before you start a busy and productive day. Reward yourself on Saturday with a little lie in.

#5 What am I going to wear?

Regardless of whether your workplace is super corporate or more smart-casual, this can be tricky. Shopping for office clothes isn’t always very exciting, but having smart, fashionable clothes that you feel comfortable in is essential. Having clothes laid out the night before is a serious time saver in the mornings.

#6 Can I really be bothered to exercise?

Career girls are savvy and know the positive impact even a little exercise can have on the day. There is endless research on the benefits of morning exercise. From boosting the metabolism to helping lift the mood, it is difficult to ignore. If possible, pull on your trainers and go for a quick jog. If this isn’t possible, can you get off the bus a little earlier and walk the rest of your journey? It all adds up.

#7 I need a list. Stat.

We all need a to-do list to know what’s happening! Whether the list is full of tasks you are dreading or ones you are looking forward to will probably vary on a day to day basis. The best thing to do is to get up and get the day started. The quicker the day’s tasks are tackled, the sooner it will be time for some well-deserved time to relax.

By Catherine Murphy