7 Tricks That Instantly Banish Stress And Anxiety

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We all feel anxious and stressed sometimes. There are those of us who struggle to sleep at night and others that internalize our feelings and try to cope. We hear you! Most people will suffer from the effects of stress and anxiety at some point, whether it comes from a big life event like a wedding or moving house, or whether you just feel anxious and stressed 24/7.

If you think you’ve tried everything, think again. Here are a few more tips to help you banish those feelings!

1. Accept your thoughts

Stress and anxiety make us think strange thoughts. Stress makes you think that you just can’t do anything, that your tasks are impossible and that you can’t cope. It also makes you feel as though you’re all alone and nothing will ever get done without you. While anxiety can give you other thoughts, you might think people are looking at you, worry that you’ve left a door unlocked, that you’re dying or seriously ill, or just worry about the future.

I think it’s normal to feel like this, just don’t get trapped in those thoughts. Tell yourself that you’ve acknowledged the thought and are moving on. Do yourself a favor and distract yourself, go outside for a walk, enjoy life.

2. 10 minutes of positive talk

For ten minutes do not say anything negative. Even if you think it. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how great you are. Find an outfit you love and wear it. Embrace positivity and try to increase the minutes every day. Eventually, your thoughts will adjust and you’ll be more positive overall.

3. Associate words with happiness

Try to associate certain words with feelings. For example, you might want to use a word like ‘marshmallow’. Whenever you think of that word, think of a positive memory to go with it. If you train your mind to associate that word with positivity, when you’re feeling stressed or anxious you can take a deep breath and think about that word, or even say it out loud to calm you down.

4. Set aside five minutes to worry

Start a worry journal and write your thoughts down for five minutes. If you give space and time to the thoughts that are bothering you, they’re less likely to creep up at all hours of the day. Write it down and come back to it later, adding some perspective to your worries. The more unnecessary worries you see on paper, the easier it’ll be to dismiss them in the future.

5. Talk about it

We always recommend talking about your feelings, thought and fears. Whether it’s with a colleague, friend, or professional. We like to talk about anxiety in the office a lot, and recommend building a great support network who will help you when you’re panicked, stressed, or just having an anxiety attack.

6. Try the wristband technique

The wristband technique was developed to help develop habits. You need a wristband or a hair band around your wrist, so whenever you want to do something (or stop doing it) you ping the band around your wrist three times. By the third time you ping the band, the habit will be formed. If you tell yourself that, you’re more likely to banish those stressed-out thoughts as they appear.

7. Relax your muscles

Take a deep breath, inhale and starting with your feet work your way up your body, relaxing each muscle. Feel your shoulders sink, your neck and back relax, and as you do this, breathe out. You can do it anywhere, which makes this a great coping technique. On the train, on the subway, in a car, in the office. Breathe!


How do you deal with stress and anxiety?

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  1. I heard of using the relax technique with one addition, add an imaginary glowing sphere that moves from your feet up, and when it passes a spot, those muscles relax. This helps me to envision the relaxation and it feels better for me, hoping that sharing it can help anyone else.

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