7 Unbelievable Packing Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Something about packing just sends shivers up my spine, I’m terrible at squeezing everything into my suitcase and often bring things with me that I know I’ll never even use. If travelling is your dream, but packing is your worst nightmare, you need these packing hacks to help you out the door and on your way to stress free travels!

Put masking tape around the lids of toiletries
Putting enough masking tape around your toiletries lids will free up space as you won’t have to store them all in a bulky toiletry bag. If you’re still worried, use a ziplock bag which will take up less space and contain any spills.

Use spare buttons to hold earrings
A bit of a quirky hack, this one requires buttons. Just thread your earrings through the holes in the button and secure the backs on, you can store these buttons anywhere and they’re a great way to keep all your favourite earrings together.

Put valuables inside socks
Put your spare jewellery inside a sock and tie off the end, or smuggle your camera and cables inside carefully rolled up socks to save space and keep things safe.

Roll don’t fold
Even though folding seems like a more practical method of packing, rolling your clothes will save you tonnes of space. If you’re trying to fit more into a smaller back, roll the small things like underwear and socks, then lay any long trousers flat and put t-shirts on top of them before you fold them all together. This is called the ‘Clown Car Method’, there’s a lot of demonstrations on the internet if you do a quick search, and it works best with smaller bags.

Every career girl needs her USB cables and all the chargers to accompany our technological best friends, a good way to store them is to use a glasses or sunglasses case to keep them all together and stop them from getting tangled up inside your suitcase.

My make-up takes the biggest amount of space in my suitcase, I have a huge makeup bag and occasionally a tonne of brushes that accompany it. One of the best ways to save space is to use a bag that has compartments and opens up into two halves so you can lay it flat and pack around it. Another good way is to split your beauty products up, secure the lids, pop them in small zip lock bags and roll them up around the edges of your suitcase.

Use vacuum packed bags
If you’re taking bulky coats or jumpers a great way to save space is to use a vacuum packed bag. Just put your bulky items inside the bag and use your vacuum to take all the air out, you’ll be amazed at how much your big items shrink and can be packed around.

Share your favourite packing hacks with us in the comments below and don’t forget to enter our Dior giveaway and win yourself a pair of iconic summer glasses, one less thing to worry about packing!

  1. These are such useful tips! I’m going away soon and definitely need to remember to roll my clothes and try the masking tape tip :) xx

  2. Amazing tips. This one for putting your earrings in spare buttons is fantastic. I always lose one of the earrings and then hate myself. It is a nightmare. Greetings!

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