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We all know how it feels to have a rough Monday morning. Your alarm goes off and you feel like you haven’t had a weekend. You’re more likely to be grumpy if you’re tripping over dirty washing on your way out the door and you feel so unorganized that you don’t want to do anything.

Those days are the worst. But remember a time when you loved Monday mornings? When you were excited to run to school and gossip with your friends or see your crush? When you had a lecture at Uni that you actually wanted to attend? We miss those days so here are a few ways to make your Monday mornings so much better…

#1 Take it easy, to begin with 

Yes, we always say you should tackle the hard tasks first, but on Monday morning try to find the fun, easy tasks for the first few hours – at least until you’ve readjusted to working life.

#2 Give yourself something to look forward to

Extend that weekend feeling by doing something weekend-ish on a Monday. Some people work out on their lunch break, but if that’s not your style, schedule a lunch date with your friend or tell yourself you will go and pick up that book/shirt/necklace you’ve been wanting for ages.

#3 Change up your routine 

Monday’s are only boring if every day is the same. Try to change it up a bit and do different tasks, you can even suggest switching meeting days if it’s getting too monotonous. Leave emails and calls until after lunch and focus on other things for the first few hours of the day.

#4 Don’t clock watch

Cover up your computer clock and just go. I always get less motivation if I look at the clock expecting it to be 6 and see it’s only 3 and I haven’t stopped. I only need the clock to know when to get lunch, other than that I try to just work and break depending on how frazzled I feel.

#5 Make Monday your cheat day

Who are we to judge if Monday’s are your cheat day? Nobody can judge you for eating a muffin on a Monday if you stay healthy throughout the week – and it’ll help you get through the day.

#6 Supercharge your Sunday

Get up early, do something, tidy up, write your to-do list for tomorrow. This will help you feel like you’ve had a whole day off. Unsurprisingly, staying in bed all day will make you feel even more sluggish come Monday morning. Even if you go for a one hour walk with Pokémon Go, just do something!

#7 Make yourself number one 

I’ve been looking into all kinds of weird and wonderful treatments to try on a Monday after work. For example, did you know Selena Gomez swears by visiting a sweat lodge a few times a week? The thought of wearing clothes and wrapping up like a burrito for 45 minutes in a steam room fills me with dread, but apparently, it’s great for mind, body, and soul.

Look into classes, talks, or cool treatments you can book yourself into a couple of times a week. I’m visiting my local bookstore to see some author talks on Monday evening, that way I can switch my work-mode brain off and think about something else before I arrive home.

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  • Yankified

    I always try to be up and about on a Sunday to get ready for the week ahead. I gotta say since I started my bullet journal I feel so much more organized.

    Amy | http://www.yankified.com

    • Yes! Since I’ve started going away at the weekends I feel so much better on Monday. It’s amazing! x

  • Aleksandra // bunniesaremagic

    Mondays are absolutely the worst. Hopefully some of those tips will help me tomorrow!

  • Hannah Lucy

    Loved this. Totally feel bad about sluggin out today though haha!


  • Emma

    Love this!! such great tips! x



  • Cristina

    These hacks sound nice! I’ll apply them when I’ll go back to work.


  • Jenna

    I tend to find I only dread Mondays if I’ve had thoroughly unproductive weekends, and failed on my to-do list. So for me a good Monday definitely lies with a clear schedule. These are fantastic tips though, I like the idea of making Monday my cheat day!

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk

  • Kandace B Gordon

    I will have to try these tips asap! Thanks for the great tips!

  • Leah Rose

    I’m naturally a Monday person, love a fresh start.

  • Roxanne

    Great tips! Will definitely try a couple out. :)

    A Word if I May

  • Isobel Oldland

    Honestly I think this may be my favourite blog ever! Sooooooo good! xoxo


  • Phoenix Rain

    Mondays are always my favourite day because it is the start of my training week. I always have hope on a Monday no matter what life and work throw at me!

  • dreamofadventures

    I always have the bachelorette to look forward to Monday evenings, that helps me get through the rough monday workday =o)


  • Dorothy

    Lovely tips! I normally try to schedule in a 45-min walk to the river during Monday lunchtime, it always lifts my mood.

    Dorothy | http://www.wanderess.org/

  • Camille Beygui

    This is such a great post ! But I think I will apply it to another day later in the week. Honestly to me Monday isn’t the worst at all because I feel fresh and happy to be starting over (new week new me kinda style). It’s more in the middle of the week that I feel down since I am more tired and really in a routine

  • Gitana Deneff

    I’ve always believed that if you start off the first day of your work week the right way then you’ve set the tone for success for the rest of the week days :)

    Good post!


    Gitana | Books & Bellinis | Instagram | Bloflovin’

  • CarlyCCxx

    This is such a great post, i try to feel excited for Monday as its new week and i love to write lists and go to the gym which definitely kick start the day and the week :-)


  • Retro63

    Great tips! Look forward to trying them out and hoping for a great Monday :) Thanks.

  • Pear Phongsawad

    I really resonate w/ these tips esp #2! So important to sprinkle some exciting things here and there throughout the week to keep motivation going.

    Thanks for sharing!


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