7 Ingenious Ways To Organize Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

The environment you sleep in has a big impact on the quality of your ZZZZs! Is your bedroom always a cluttered mess?

Maybe you toss and turn all night. Is it a peaceful, serene, clean and tidy room? You probably usually find it easy to fall asleep in five minutes.

It’s not just about getting eight hours sleep every night – it’s about getting the best eight hours sleep you can every night! So here are our top tips for reorganizing your space to get the most out of your slumber:

1. Rethink Your Nightstand

Make sure your nightstand or bedside table has closed storage. That way you can minimize the clutter on top of the table and leave it free for the book you’re reading, a glass of water and even a beautiful peace lily (these plants can actively reduce the unhealthy elements in the atmosphere letting you breathe easier!).

You could also put a candle with a calming scent on the table – you don’t have to light it, most lavender scented candles can be smelled even when unlit!

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2. Upgrade Your Bedding

You spend a good third of your life in bed. When you think about it that way are cheaper sheets and duvet covers ever a good idea? I don’t really think so. Don’t go for too many potentially scratchy details like beading or sequins. Instead, choose flat cotton duvet covers or even beautiful pin tucked ones that give off an air of comfort and plushness.

Invest in high-quality sheets that keep you cool and let your skin breathe and always get a beautiful wool or cashmere throw for those extra chilly winter nights. And a top tip: invest in silk pillowcases. According to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and hairdressers alike, they’re much better for your skin and hair.

3. Carpet Or Rug

The best thing about carpeting your bedroom (apart from that delightful moment your toes hit the plush nap in the morning) is that it helps to muffle sounds. Live in an apartment block or a noisy neighborhood? Then this is the trick for you!

Deadening sounds in your bedroom will most definitely help you to a more restful sleep. If carpeting is not an option for you, invest in a beautiful area rug. Just imagine sinking your toes into one first thing in the morning…

4. Ban Blue Light

Apologies to all of those TV buffs out there …

The bedroom is really not the place for a TV or watching Netflix on the computer screen, especially late at night. Having your TV or computer sessions in the bedroom changes the way you psychologically consider your bedroom – instead of it being a place you sleep, it’s a place you fret over the latest episode of Breaking Bad or have adrenaline pumping during Narcos.

Better to keep the exciting TV watching to the lounge room! Plus the blue light emitted from computer screens is literally designed to keep you awake. Not exactly what you want when you’re about to sleep.

5. Paint the walls the right color

Research shows that strong color contrasts are more likely to keep you awake! Do you have a lot of black and white in your room? It could keep your mind too active.

Tone down the contrasts and keep everything at a similar intensity level. Think muted tones that aren’t too exciting and overwhelming! Save the more vibrant colors for your kitchen/living room space.

6. Change The Lighting

One of the things that’s so great about living in a city is the convenience. But one of the downsides is light pollution. It means that it’s incredibly hard to see any stars in most of the world’s biggest cities and it affects your sleep.

You can sort this problem by investing in some heavyweight curtains or blackout shades for your window to keep your bedroom nice and dark. No more waking up at 5 AM in the summer just because the sun’s up!

7. Purify The Air

Making sure the air you breathe while you sleep is clean and not full of pollutants or allergens is a must for getting better quality slumber. So buy some lovely plants and make your room cleaner and prettier all in one go!

Look out for garden chrysanthemums, spider plants, Boston ferns, bamboo or aloe vera. All of these are real champions for cleaning the air as well as being incredibly resilient to those of us who don’t have a super green thumb.

We hope you manage to grab some super sleep with these tips! How do you make sure your bedroom is prepped for better sleep?

Featured photo: Telegraph


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