7 Ways To Actually Look Forward To Getting Older

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If there is one thing I am afraid of, it would be getting older. Of course, it is fun to experience all the ‘grown up’ stuff for the first time, but the further away I get from being a child, the scarier it seems.

They often say ‘life gets better when you grow older” and that is a sentence to definitely keep in mind.

Getting older doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy life or you need to be serious all the time. It simply means our responsibilities change, while we still can hang on to our inner-child.

So cheers to growing up! Here are 7 more reasons to actually look forward to getting older.

#1 – More focus on the things you love

The best part of it all! You will focus more on the things that you love and less on the things that are not that important to you.

Where in your teenage years you probably did some things to fit in or under peer pressure, you care more about the things you really enjoy doing.

#2 – Less drama

No more high school or uni drama, because you simply don’t have time for it (probably never had).

The people that brought negativity and drama to you life will hopefully be cut off (or even better changed in a very positive way), leaving you with the people that matter the most!

#3 – Life stability

Settling down, having your own (long-term) place to live, having your friend group and hobbies may sound boring to you now (backpacking the world for a couple of years does sound way more interesting), but most of us will reach a point where we are longing for life stability and settling down.

#4 – You’ll know yourself inside-out

We all know the quarter-life crisis and the important decisions you need to make when entering your mid-twenties.

Going through this all might be difficult at that time, but brings some wise life lessons as well.

It is the period where you often really get to know yourself, who you are, what you like, your values, goals etc. which allows you to further plan out your near future and create stability in your life.

#5 – You will be way, way smarter

You are probably already very smart, but with growing older comes more life experience, which makes you wiser as a person.

You value life from a different perspective (okay, this sounds really grown-up).

#6 – You won’t care what other people think about you anymore

Your twenties are definitely the period where most of us learn that people will always have an opinion on you no matter how good or bad you do and, quite frankly, I personally care less and less what other people think about me or the choices I make.

You focus more on you instead of pleasing others and look more to the things that make you happy.

#7 – You finally have a stable career

Job hopping, working odd hours in a coffee shop and having multiple part-time jobs is not unusual in your mid-twenties.

Getting older often means settling down into a stable career, which often means a 9-5 job with guaranteed weekends, a stable income which allows you to do all the things you always wanted to do but never had the money for.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Negative Underwear