8 Summer Beauty Myths You Should Know

Summer is great, and it’s just around the corner! However, it’s time to bust those summer myths we’ve believed for so long and to take on board correct beauty tips!


Beauty Myth #1: Using sunscreen means that you can stay in the sun.

Applying sunscreen does not mean that you are 100% protected from the sun’s rays. You still need to reapply every two hours. You should always apply sunscreen, even on a cloudy day. Also, sunscreens with the highest SPFs don’t completely block harmful UV rays, they just increase the time it takes to burn.

Beauty Myth #2: Your hair grows faster in the summer.

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no evidence to prove this. Your hair may get lighter and drier in the summer months, but it does not grow quicker. In fact, the season does not have an impact on the pace of hair growth.

Beauty Myth #3: Swimming in the ocean dries out your skin.

Seawater can help to re-hydrate your skin as it contains many minerals and vitamins.

Beauty Myth #4: Shaving will make your body hair grow back thicker.

Shaving makes the hair appear shorter, more ‘blunt’ and a bit more stubbly which makes it seem thicker. However waxing will make your hair seem thinner.

Beauty Myth #5: Wearing makeup everyday is bad for your skin.

Overloading your face with too much makeup is bad for your skin, but wearing a little bit each day is not damaging. However, not consistently removing your makeup before you go to bed is the real culprit of skin damage.

Beauty Myth #6: Trimming hair will stop it from growing back

Not true at all! Trimming your hair will help to maintain it and gets rid of split-ends.

Beauty Myth #7: Expensive products are more effective than ineffective ones.

There are so many products you can use during the summer, but just because a beauty product is more expensive doesn’t mean it is any better. It’s all about how the product is formulated, the ingredients used and the benefits they provide – not their price tag.

Beauty Myth #8: You need to wash your hair everyday.

No no no! You don’t need to wash you hair everyday! Washing your hair everyday strips it of its essential oils and moisture. You should only wash your hair once or twice a week.

So there you go! Common summer beauty myths completely debunked.

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Credit: Vogue, The Fashion Spot, Beauty High & Company

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I always bugs me that people thing they can stay in the sun the whole day just because they applied a little bit of SPF in the morning. It is really important to protect your skin from dangerous sun rays!!

    Love from Austria,


  2. #8 is not a myth for me! If I don’t wash my hair, it gets too oily and yucky – a great discomfort when I’m out!

  3. I can’t imagine washing my hair only two times a week, don’t even thinking about once a week.. What ? I have to wahs them every second day :O

  4. My hairstylist always told me that washing your hair every day, if you use delicate products, is not unhealthy at all. Plus, sweat weakens the hair because it suffocates the roots.

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