7 Amazing Books To Read When You Need To Escape To A New World



Yes, we’re big readers here at CGD HQ. We love all kinds of books, from books written by smart women about their lives and the day-to-day troubles of being a woman to seriously scary thrillers. There’s nothing better than picking up a book to devour on your commute and relax with after a really hard day. We know that as 2016 rolls on, you might need transporting to a different world, so here are 7 books to help you do just that.

The Night That Changed Everything by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice
(Released 24 March)

The night that everything changed PB.indd

Ben and Rebecca are that couple, the ones that are so perfect for each other you can’t help rooting for them. Ben is organized, Rebecca is messy, Ben is emotional, Rebecca doesn’t cry at films that easily. They compliment each other perfectly. But somehow, one overheard comment changes everything and then they start to assess their whole relationship. Are the perfect couple really that perfect and will their love story survive?

Grace & Style: The Art Of Pretending You Have It by Grace Helbig

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Grace is a career girl through and through, she’s the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Grace’s Guide, is a comedian, actress, YouTube personality, and host of The Grace Helbig Show on E! Her latest book is all about being a style icon. She says you can’t spell icon without ‘con’, and her book reflects that, it’s a parody of style books with a more down-to-earth, funny edge. It’s about pretending you’ve got style and grace and making no apologies for having fun.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari


Funny man Aziz Ansari has decided to take on the world of modern romance. He tackles tinder, emojis, dating, mating and all the other bits in between in a funny and insightful way. For this book he didn’t just go it alone, he teamed up with a massive list of experts to help him truly understand what it is that makes modern romance so baffling! Read this if you like to laugh but want to learn too!

Lover by Anna Raverat


Kate has it all, a great home, a great career, two young children and a husband of ten years. She couldn’t be happier, until she finds some emails from her husband Adam to another woman, and once she starts digging she realizes that’s not the worst possible discovery she could make. Far from being depressing, this book is about Kate’s struggle to balance it all and figure it out, it’s told with warmth and wit and is a must read.

Hold Still by Lynn Steger Strong
(Released April 19th)


English professor Maya Taylor sends her daughter Ellie to Florida to look after a friend’s child as a chance for her to start rebuilding her tattered life. But Ellie thinks that she’s only going to disappoint her mother again, and she makes a mistake that she can’t take back. This book is split into two timelines, and focuses on Maya and Ellie trying to repair their fractured relationship.

Nowhere Girl by Susan Strecker


“The day Savannah was killed she was fifteen minutes late to meet me.” 
Sixteen-year-old Savannah Martino was killed in an abandoned house, leaving her twin sister Cady all alone. Years later, with Savannah’s murder declared a random act, Cady becomes a crime writer profiling serial killers, and still communicates with her sister through dreams. And when a police officer calls Cady with the news that he thinks Savannah’s murder wasn’t random after all, Cady has to take herself back to the time when she was sixteen, and find out who really killed her sister.

The Nest by Cynthia D’aprix Sweeney
(Released 22nd March)

The Plumb family have been waiting for their inheritance for a while. They figure it will solve all their self-inflicted issues, and have watched the value of their trust fund, “The Nest,” soar while they plan what they’re going to do with it. Unfortunately, their older brother Leo jeopardized the whole trust fund and so Beatrice, Melody, Jack and Leo have some talking to do. This book deals with the tensions of a dysfunctional family, it’s tender and entertaining and explores the family bond.

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