8 Amazing Newsletters And Freebies For Ambitious Girls

yg8xf9kc54rtNewsletters are sometimes seen as a nuisance, but if they’re done well they can be a huge asset to every career girl. A newsletter that gives me tips, tricks and free stuff is more than welcome in my inbox, which is why I have a folder with over 200 of them.

When you’re thinking of subscribing to a newsletter you should look for bonuses and exclusive content, things that will make your inbox a delight to scan in the mornings, and if you sign up to unroll.me you can have a dedicated page for your newsletters so you can read them with a cup of coffee in the morning.

If you’re looking for great newsletters and a few freebies and bonuses, look no further!

Braid Letters For Creatives

This newsletter series from Braid is hugely helpful for creatives and entrepreneurs, Kathleen and Tara are the two sisters behind Braid Creative and they share regular emails about professional and personal overlap, deciding your dreams, working hard and everything else that comes with being a career girl. You can also get a trial of the Braid Method Branding Ecourse for Entrepreneurs straight to your inbox (wait for the popup).

Femtrepreneur Email Love Letters + Build A Profitable Blog Ecourse

Mariah’s letters are always a delight to receive, she talks about the tools she uses, awesome tips to make your business super successful and a host of cool people she’s worked with. Plus if you sign up now you can get Mariah’s Free Build A Profitable Blog Ecourse straight to your email, too! Woohoo!

by Regina

If you sign up to this newsletter you’ll get a free ebook, private workshops and a whole host of other amazing things. In my latest email from Regina I got an awesome list of free workshops and resources plus a great in-depth letter about negative opinions, including the top 10 negative opinions about her business, which was refreshing and funny.

Career Girl Daily

We recently launched our brand spanking new newsletter and are so excited to share it with you. In the newsletter we curate all our most popular posts, share insider info and let you be first in the know with all the exciting stuff coming up. I personally write all our experiences and the lessons we’ve learned about being a career girl in the newsletter so expect lessons on personal development and building a business jam packed inside, too!

Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis teaches creatives and freelancers how to make business work on their own terms. When you sign up to The Weekly Dispatches, you’ll get a dose of Paul every Sunday and hear some of his wisdom about creating tools for business and being your best self.

Jeff Goins

When you sign up to Jeff Goins’ newsletter you get a tonne of cool resources too, like his guide on how to get 100,000 blog readers in 18 months. Jeff focuses on writing and blogging, and how to make the best of your blog and sales.

Fresh by Sian

Sian’s brand is super cool and ‘fresh‘, and if you sign up to her newsletters you’ll get access to The Stash, a resource packed full of mini-workbooks, cheatsheets and ebooks all for free! She shares awesome lessons on life, business and creating something game changing.

The Nectar Collective

Signing up to The Nectar Collective will give you access to a whole host of cool extras, and a password protected library of ebooks, worksheets and resources. Plus the emails that land in your inbox are filled with tips about entrepreneurship and personal development! Win!


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  • Amy

    Such a great selection of newsletters! Thanks for compiling them.

  • Sian

    Oh thanks so much for the feature Beth, so stoked to be chilling alongside some other pretty awesome peeps. :)

  • camille

    Great post

  • Britny

    Is it bad I literally joined all of them? Thank you!

  • Dr.Amrita

    I loved your post so much .I checked out all the blogs you featured, signed up for the newsletter.Then I had to come back and say thank you.In the cacophony of the Internet your post was music.

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