8 Beauty Products That Are Perfect For Hot Days

If there’s one thing girls are best prepared for, it’s summer time! We’ve bought a new wardrobe, changed our hair and ditched the baggy jumpers until next year. We’re ready for the romances, adventures and days at the beach. But the one thing we never truly prepare for is the challenges it causes. Hair loses control with humidity, lipstick smudges, foundation melts and unless you’re going bare, it’s difficult! Being a girl in the summer time isn’t easy, well, it isn’t when you don’t know the right products to use… Guess who does?

1. Say hello to great hair again:

Moroccanoil available here

If there’s one thing that always gives me trouble, it’s my hair. But my hairdresser saved my life and recommended Morroconoil and slipped a bottle in my bag! I’ve been obsessed ever since. It will keep your hair silky smooth and shiny! It even allows me to step out of the shower and leave my hair as it is! Buy it here.

2. Re-energize your skin

Mario Badescu The Icons Home & Away Collection available here

These are perfect for giving your skin the pick me up it needs. Especially when the sun does a lot of damage to the skin, it’s crucial that your skincare routine works overtime when you go away. This facial spray that cools my face, re-energizes it and really makes my skin feel more awake. Plus, with this deal, you get a drying lotion to eradicate those spots! Win, win! Buy it here.

3. Set for life



SUPERGOOP! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 Home & Away Duo available here

Everyone is in love with these products and there’s a good reason why! We all know how difficult it is wearing makeup in the heat, especially when you live in the city and everything is so hot and humid. And every day isn’t always a beach day, which means we got to make sure our makeup is set. Que The King of setting sprays! It also protects your skin against the sun and helps you shine! Buy it here.

4. Hair like a mermaid 


Herbivore Coconut & Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist available here

This is my second go-to miracle maker for hair in the summer time. It makes me feel like a complete beach babe with crunchy, wavy hair that sadly the beach does not naturally give me. Did you know that the salt water is also good for your skin too? It helps to detoxify your skin and maintain moisture, which is what you desperately need on the beach! Buy it here.

5. Triple perfection

Clinique Thirst Quenchers Set available here

If you know how to take care of your skin, then you will know that it needs to be hydrated. If I would advise you on any moisturizer, it would be one that locks moisture in for at least twenty-four hours. And this set is perfect for just that, it will give you that dewy/glowy look naturally! Buy it here.

6. Protect and soothe

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray available here

It’s important on holiday to take care of your skin, and with this spray, you’ll be looking after it in three ways; soothing, refreshing and setting your makeup. It’s perfect when you’re traveling as it will give your skin that instant re-birth it needs! And it’s perfect for soothing skin after you’ve been out in the sun all day! Buy it here.

7. For when the sun goes down… 



Morrocanoil After-Sun Milk Soothing Body Lotion available here

Being in the sun all day can leave us a little red, but it can also damage our skin in ways we never imagine. That’s why it’s important to use aftersun every evening when you step out of the shower. And, because I usually tend to go quite pink, this lotion has literally worked wonders! It works to enhance your glow whilst soothing the skin. What more could a girl want? Buy it here.

8. The power of the primer

NARS Pro-Prime Light Optimizing Primer SPF15 available here

The one thing that saves my life daily is a good primer. They will stop your makeup from doing what it wants, which it tends to do in the summer! This primer will also keep your skin hydrated, make your makeup last longer without creasing or cracking and protect your skin with SPF! And that’s not all! It has light-perfecting pigments, which makes your skin brighter and more refreshed! Buy it here.



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