6 Of The Best Websites For Stylish And Chic Office Supplies

It’s a fact, every Career Girl has a stationery obsession. Themed office supplies and pretty notebooks are what we dream about. The first crisp, blank pages in a new planner hold so much promise! And who doesn’t feel more productive when they sit down to a whole line of gorgeous office supplies?

Here are a few of our favorite places to buy chic office supplies, so you can decorate your desk and get shit done in style!



CGD LONDON is changing the stationery world. It’s making planning and organizing a lifestyle and encourages you to go after your dreams. The brand’s goal has always been to design products that remind you that you can do anything you put your mind to. And the reviews by customer’s show a motivating journey they claim have changed their lives.

Visit CGD London here.


2. Selfridges

Selfridges contains a variety of genius office supplies. And they’re definitely one of the best for stylish stationery. You can expect to find something suitable no matter what age you are. As they stock a variety of brands that cater to each specific audience’s needs.  You’ll most likely find your next favorite notebook, buy some motivational sticky notes and even get a gold ruler you never knew you needed. Super chic.

View Selfridges here.


3. Amara


For super chic office organization, check out Amara. You can find Kate Spade pencils, luxe rose gold pens, pretty paperweights, scissors, tape dispensers and pen pots. Your desk will look like a fashion editor’s with just a few purchases.

Visit Amara here.


4. Skinnydip

Skinny Dip is where you would buy stationery that has a more fun side. Catered more for a younger audience, Skinnydip is best known for their cool and quirky phone cases. The brand will make you excited to plan with stickers, funky notepads, and planners that make planning look cool.

Visit Skinny Dip here.


5. Oliver Bonas


Anyone who is anyone knows and love Oliver Bonas. And they are full of organization materials you’ll love. Organise your workspace add the finishing touches to your gifts with their collection of unique stationery.

Visit Oliver Bonas here.


6. Nordstrom


Nordstrom has a huge variety of things from low price to high-range. Treat yourself to a Lulu Guinness notebook, or get your hands on a Ted Baker desk organizer. What I particularly love about Nordstrom is that you can get everything from pencils to wall art and business card holders in one go.

Visit Nordstrom here.


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