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8 Essential Career Tips From Former Vogue Editor Louise Roe

large (1)Louise Roe, blogger, TV presenter, and now author of her very own book Front Roe, is the ultimate career girl. With previous roles including editor at Wedding magazine, news editor for and host for VogueTV, there is so much we can learn from her. Here are her top 8 career tips that got her to where she is today.

#1 Get Experience

At age 16, Louise sent her CV to every editor she could possibly find. She was rejected by them all bar one, and that one was all she needed to break in to the industry.

#2 Make Your Career A Priority

After her graduation from Durham University Louise had already arranged a job at ELLE that started the following week which unfortunately coincided with a girls’ holiday. Although envious of the fun her friends would have without her, Louise put her career first and started the job at Elle.

#3 Use Your Initiative

When Louise wanted to work for Vogue despite no position being available, she sent her CV and a brief email asking for an interview. Without knowing the email address to contact Louise took an educated guess at what it could be and before she knew it she was news editor for and hosting Vogue TV.

#4 Network

Socialise, find common ground with everyone and swap business cards. With the rise of social media in recent years, there’s no excuse not to network. After meeting with someone ask to connect with them on LinkedIn, you never know when having each other’s contact details may come in handy.

#5 Be Grateful

Any opportunity that you’re granted should be appreciated. Whether it’s an interview, a week’s placement or a piece of career advice that’s helped you, thank you messages are always greatly received.

#6 Do Your Homework

Know the name of who you’re meeting with, have good background knowledge of the company and where it’s heading. All of this information can be found online, so just take an hour or two to have a good research in to the company. Seeming prepared and eager may also set you aside from less well-prepared candidates.

#7 Be Nice

Kindness goes a long way. People who are more senior than you will be more willing to lend a hand to a friendly face. Respect those above you and welcome newcomers.

#8 Never Give Up

For Louise’s first internship application she sent 30 letters and only received one response, but that one response got her exactly where she wanted to be. Being successful is not going to be easy, but when you get there it’ll certainly be worth it.

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  1. carmen says

    I am loving this advice; I think networking is one of the biggest advantages one can do for them self. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Blondes & Bagels says

    I love the last tip to never give up – sometimes it really does take 30 attempts to reach out to receive only 1 reply back!

  3. Sophia Nunez says

    This advice is priceless! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hannah Lewis says

    All very good advice. I love that be nice is included. I find a lot of people are either dismissive of me or assume I will be dismissive of them at meetings, networking and talking about my career in general. I’m perfectly nice and grateful – I wish others were too sometimes!


  5. Chelsea says

    This is inspiring and some of the steps I’ve actually took to move forward in my career. This post really got me motivated to continue to strive for my goals. Thanks! :)

  6. Loretta says

    A very inspiring read! Thanks a lot!

    X, Loretta

  7. Sophie Black says

    Ive always loved Louise Roe and I have always been incredibly envious of her amazing career but she has earned every second of it! Not giving up on your dream is a cliche but it is so true, I firmly believe if you are persistent and not willing to give up it will pay off one day.

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