8 Chick Flicks You Should Watch Before You Die

We’re only at the start of the week but when it gets rough the best thing to do is to settle down and watch some movies or invite your favourite girls over for a girl’s night. We’ve got you covered if you prefer to relax and escape in a good book or find something new to watch on Netflix. But if you fancy pizza, popcorn and some good old chick flicks, here are our faves.

The Notebook

A forbidden love between the poor country guy and beautiful rich girl, the passionate kiss, an elderly couple who are bound by true love, a love triangle and long lost love reuniting – who can ask for more. The Notebook has to be the most romantic movie of all time.


This movie is an obvious choice as the perfect go-to movie. The Mean Girls of the 90’s, Clueless is full of high-end street fashion, hilarious one-liners and memorable high school hi-jinx between three superficial yet thoughtful and good-natured popular girls.

Letters To Juliet

Letters to Juliet will melt your heart, so have the tissues ready, the travel agent and the love you thought got away on speed dial. With amazingly stunning shots of Verona and the Italian countryside, we are taken on a journey of love, friendship, ambition, and selfless compassion. By the way, he rides in on a horse!

Waiting To Exhale

Waiting to Exhale helps us to remember that as we navigate our way through career, family and romance, we should never forget our girls. Plus, there’s a host of eye candy to keep the movie sizzling.

Pretty Woman

Of course we had to list Pretty Woman. Who can forget Julia Roberts’ portrayal of Vivian, the down on her luck working girl who ends up falling in love with her rich client (who happens to be Richard Gere)? We can’t help but get our hearts all in aflutter over the Cinderella story that we know is ludicrous but so adorable. We think every city girl, at some point, has opted in for a fire escape to their apartment just in case.


Are you ready for sidesplitting laughter? Bridesmaids is one of the funniest chick flicks, EVER! If this movie doesn’t make you laugh away your insane week, we are not sure what will. The scene in the bridal store will have you cringing, crying and holding your sides.

He’s Just Not That Into You

There is always one friend who needs this bit of advice, so invite her along to a girl’s night in and show this movie. Be sure to hold her hand at the scenes that will make her go, “hmmm…I think they are talking about me.” A group hug is mandatory before moving on to the next flick.

The Proposal

If an assistant like Ryan Reynolds is on the market, we’re hiring! Career girls often make big plans, but planning for love is not our strong suit. This office rom-com will not only give you a good laugh, but have you skimming the office for love.

What’s your favourite chick flick?

  1. I LOVE THE NOTEBOOK! And I need to watch The Proposal as soon as possible! Great list ;) kisses


  2. I would also add – Diary of a Shopaholic with amazing Isla Fisher. Good lough and relaxation!


  3. I totally agree with the list. I was excited to see letters to Juliet in the list ❤ I’ve seen five of them, so I still need to watch clueless, waiting to exhale and bridesmaids. Thanks for sharing!
    – Rita
    Blog: http://www.msritaz13.blogspot.ca

  4. I’ve not seen a couple of those, worth checking out. But no chick flick list is complete without Dirty Dancing surely?

  5. Of course, but we wanted to give a short list – in case you only have a few moments on your hands. A full list of chick flicks would be 50+ to include Dirty Dancing, Mean Girls, 27 bridesmaids dresses, Thelma and Louise, Dear John, Bride Wars, Leap Year, Save the last dance, The wedding planner … and the list keeps going. You will need about a month to complete this list however.

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