8 Easy Beauty Secrets You Don’t Know Yet


We constantly absorb new information, beauty tips, and tricks from everywhere, whether it is browsing Instagram and Pinterest or reading our favourite magazines. Though we all know that busy Career Girls don’t always have time for that while doing super important things with their lives.

That is why I have searched through the internet for beauty secrets that that you may not have heard about before, and that will definitely make your life easier.

#1 Apply Vaseline for perfume to last longer

Apparently, applying Vaseline on your wrists and neck before spraying on perfume, will make the scent last longer throughout the day. This is a saviour when getting ready for work in the morning, knowing that you are facing a long day ahead!

#2 Smudge eyeliner on your eyelash curler for a curl + line combo

Did you hit the ‘Snooze’ button one too many times, and only have 5 minutes to get ready? This is the perfect way to quickly put on eyeliner without having to use 10 minutes on correcting any smudging mistakes. Apply a bit of eyeliner to the top curve of your eyelash curler, curl away, and voilà! Then all you need is a bit of mascara, and you are ready to head out the door.

#3 Re-use old coffee for the perfect anti-cellulite body scrub

If you are a big consumer of coffee, this is the perfect way to re-use your coffee into an amazing exfoliating body scrub. You might have seen the ad posts on your Instagram feed with people covered in a dirt-like coffee body scrub. Re-used coffee is essentially the same (and so low-priced compared!), and you can even add natural ingredients like coconut oil or vitamin E and lavender drops to it, to make it even more delicious to use as a body scrub. The caffeine in the coffee will even help get rid of cellulite.

#4 Re-use green tea bags for getting rid of those dark circles

When living by a busy schedule, dark circles and lack of sleep sometimes just cannot be prevented. If you missed out on those couple hours of sleep, get rid of those dark circles by re-using old green tea bags. Apply the bags as you would apply cucumbers on top of your eyelids, and relax for 10 minutes or more. You can do this whenever you feel like it, perhaps while meditating, or reflecting on your day.

#5 Highlight the inner parts of your lips to achieve fuller-looking lips

We all want perfect full-looking lips when rocking a perfect red lip. By slightly highlighting the inner area of your top and bottom lip, this will give the illusion of fuller and luscious lips. If you’re looking for tips on how to fake fuller lips check out our article!

#6 Try oil pulling for whiter teeth and better skin

You may or may not yet have heard of oil pulling. If you have not yet tried it, I recommend starting immediately! Not only does this ancient technique hold several beauty and health benefits, celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley swear by it. Swirling the oil around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes a day can whiten your teeth, improve oral hygiene and skin, along with lots of other health benefits. To make things easier, you can divide the oil in an ice cube container, and daily put one cube in your mouth, let it melt and swirl it around.

#7 Draw 3’s when contouring

If you have trouble remembering how, and in which areas on your face to contour and highlight, this trick will help you out. Imagine drawing the number 3 on the outer side of your face, moving in just below your cheekbone and at your jaw. Then when highlighting, do a reversed ‘3’, highlighting above the eyebrow and on the cheekbone.

#8 Soak your nails in white vinegar and water for nail polish to last longer

Soaking your nails in a mix of water and white vinegar will strip the nails of excess oils and moisturizers still on your nails after using nail polish remover. This will prevent bubbles when applying nail polish and make your nail polish last longer. This means, no more chipping nail polish while on the go.

What are your beauty secrets?

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Featured Photo: Emma Gelaude

Originally written by Juliana Chow.

  • http://holiegeek.wordpress.com Merc

    Vaseline is really multi-functional! I use it for growing my eyelashes.

    • selena

      what kind of oil do you use in your mouth

      • Susie

        coconut oil is great. don’t spit in sink though.

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