7 Essential Oils That Will Ease Anxiety And Stress


Anxiety can be caused simply by a change in your daily routine, leading to an overwhelming stress and often, sleepless nights. 

And even if you’ve never suffered from anxiety before, it doesn’t mean you never will.

But, did you know that many people use essential oils get rid of anxiety?

And these eight oils will increase the feeling of calm and reduce your chances of developing stress and feeling overwhelmed. Plus, it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work!

Take a look below of some our go-to’s to help you retrieve your happiness:


For the best night sleep of your life:

REN And Now to Sleep Pillow Spray $25 available here

We know that one of the biggest symptoms of anxiety is the struggle to get a good nights sleep. And this blend of essential oils helps restore a natural balance and also lowers levels of anxiety or chronic stress.

By opening your breathing passages, it allows your body to reach the perfect sleeping temperature and rather than hanging one leg out of the covers!



For instant release:

TATA HARPER SKINCARE Aromatic Stress Treatment $80 available here

Tata Harper has designed this stress treatment to really promote relaxation. It aims to rid you of your anxiety and instead, help you kick back and relax.

The best thing about it is that you can apply it how you like, to keep you calm throughout the day you can apply on your neck, temples, and wrists. Or, if you need immediate results put a touch in your hands and inhale!


Mend your soul:

Origins Flower Fusion Violet Nourishing Sheet Mask $7 available here

In the office, we are always obsessing over the next best face mask so we couldn’t resist trying this one out.

And according to the Greeks, violets are one of the main ingredients you need to induce a healthy, relaxing sleep. They also believed that it would calm your soul and even mend a broken heart!

But this violet-infused sheet mask is also perfect for refreshing your skin and banishing your anxiety at the same time!



Listen to science:

Arcona ‘Lavender’ Hydrasol $40 available here

Lavender is one of my favorites for my calming my mind and my anxiety.

It’s even scientifically proven to rid your body of the tensions it collects throughout the day that stresses you out.

And on top of this, this magic formula will leave your skin highlighted and hydrated with a dewy finish!



Feel energized

ODACITÉ Bl + J Blueberry-Jasmine Cell Energy Serum Concentrate $45 available here


The jasmine in this will really restore your confidence and ease your anxiety. It will even give you the boost of energy you need!

But not only that, it’s perfect for your skin too. Promoting cell renewal and antioxidants to keep your skin protected from free radicals!



Relieve your mind and body

SHIFFA Soothing Body Oil $63 available here

Ingredients included like Frankincense will soothe your mind, help you breathe better and induce a really good night’s sleep.

You can massage into your body whenever it’s needed, or incorporate it into your daily routine by applying every time after your bath and shower.



End the day in style: 

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil $73 available here

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and relaxing in the tub. It’s that time you get to finally relax and take the time for you.

And the one thing I love doing the most is adding essential oils into my bath to really make sure my mind and body relax.

And with Aromatherapy Associates, you know you’re going to have the perfect end to your day.



Q. What do you do to avoid anxiety? 



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  1. Please be more mindful with your words, and take mental health more seriously. While those products look nice, they can not get rid of real medical anxiety. As a person suffering from diagnosed anxiety, I feel a bit offended by this type of articles who claims that it’s SO easy to be relieved…

  2. As an Intuitive Counselor/Life Coach for the past 30 years, I am aware of the benefits of Essential Oils & recommend them to some. For those with nocturnal issues sleep sprays usually do the trick along with relaxing, peaceful sleep script(s). I’m also a writer on Quora.com helping people with self-esteem issues. Createyourlife.com

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