8 Essential Things You Need To Pack For A Business Trip

This weekend CGD is off to Florence, Italy as we’ve been invited to a business seminar. We are super excited at the prospect of networking with some super awesome ladies and being in the glorious sun, but it has meant we’ve had a lot of planning to do. As well as ensuring all the content we provide for you lovely readers is up-to-date, we’ve also had to think about what we’re packing in our suitcases. Here’s what you need to pack for your business trip to ensure it all goes to plan and you don’t have to make any emergency purchases while you’re there!

#1 The basics

You need to make sure you have enough underwear and socks (of course!) but don’t forget other essentials like hair grips, safety pins, adapters, plasters and blister cushions. You might even want to take a mini sewing kit just in case something goes wrong! Always plan for making amendments, bleeding feet and hair emergencies – you might not use the products you bring, but you never know who’ll need your supplies.

#2 Tech

Don’t forget your phone, or any other tech essentials like laptops, kindles, tablets and chargers. And definitely don’t forget your headphones! Sometimes when you’re getting work done or taking a call, plugging in your headphones gives you a little bit of peace and can help you focus on what you’re doing.

#3 Travel essentials

Don’t forget everything you need for travelling, passports, printed documents, airline check-ins, hotel reservations, ID’s and credit cards. Also, don’t forget to take some change with you in case you want to buy something during your travels or get a snack while you’re there.

#5 Important papers

As much as we love our tech, it can let us down and we have to plan for those moments. If there’s no WiFi or your battery runs out, you’ll still need a notebook, planner and a pen to get you through. Print out any essentials to look over while you’re WiFi free. Don’t forget your business cards – either!

#6 Outfits

My favourite part of packing this week was getting new clothes! Our number one top tip would be not to go crazy and buy new outfits but to update what you already have. Our favourite staple travel essentials are these beautiful smart but chic flats, a great cardigan or blazer to update any of your favourite business looks like this amazing blazer with elbow patches from Zara, any of these beautiful camel coats are perfect for travelling, plus you’ll need a great hat like this one from Very (I actually bought this myself before our trip!)

#7 Key pieces

Make sure you take enough outfits for whatever might be happening during your business trip. If you need business casual you can’t go wrong with a great jumper and a pair of jeans. For dinner events, make sure you have appropriate formal attire, check out this beautiful tailored dress from ASOS and bring some more casual pieces just in case you get there and the vibe isn’t what you were expected. I bought a suede gilet, some studded flats, a new blouse, two new hats and a great ribbed skirt. These are essential items you can get from just about anywhere, and are very inexpensive, so don’t worry about buying yourself a whole new wardrobe.

#8 All your beauty essentials

Between us, we’re bringing the entire contents of a beauty store. I’ll be taking my gigantic makeup bag, plus my straighteners, plus all my skincare stuff and sprays, plus body and bath stuff, and I’m sure Celina will be doing the same. We might as well take another suitcase entirely for all the stuff we’re taking. Don’t forget to bring perfume, deodorant, razors, sprays, moisturisers, creams and your favourite makeup bits! They’re so important if you like to preen and prep!

Is there anything else you bring with you on a business trip? Share with us in the comments and we’ll read them from Italy! xx

  • Rena

    Your list is definitely complete! Thanks for sharing and happy Sunday :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • camille

    Awesome post

  • Akanksha Padhi

    Love your post. The list definitely is bang on!

    x https://ahsknaka.wordpress.com/

  • Louise Nilsson

    Wow, I’m going on a business trip to Italy tomorrow. Couldn’t be better timing, thanks for helping me bring everything I need

    • Celina

      Italy is amazing! I hope you will have a wonderful time
      xx Celina

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