8 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat After 8PM

photo: SIR The Label



We all do it, snack at night when we know we shouldn’t. Whether it’s in front of the TV, after a night out drinking, or snuggled up in bed with your partner. We all reach for the chocolate, bread, and leftover pizza. However, what if you could snack guilt free, knowing you’re actually nourishing your body by providing it with vitamins and nutrients, rather than sugar and carbs? Here are eight healthy snacks which are perfect for your late night snacking.

1. High fiber cereal and milk 

To promote healthy sleep, aka a better quality of sleep over a longer period of time. Turn to a cereal high in fiber, filled with your milk of choice. Wholegrain cereals are high in fiber which will help to steady your blood levels and keep you full.  Just make sure you are eating a healthy cereal and not one loaded with refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

2. Turkey

Turkey is actually one of the most known tryptophans. It’s both high in protein but also gives you a really full feeling. Which means you can eat less and still feel full! Eating two slices of turkey before bed will ensure that you stop any more late night snacking and potentially lose weight!

3. Carrots with roasted red pepper dip

Carrots are super quick and easy to eat. Carrots are a good source of anti-oxidants but also rich in vitamins A, C, and K. I like my carrots dipped in hummus but why not add some more flavor to your dip with a roasted red pepper dip. This dip is also perfect for summer nights with friends.

4. Peanut butter 

Peanut is a source of both energy and protein. It tastes delicious and compliments many different dishes. The easiest snack is either peanut butter on a whole wheat toast or simply dipping apple slices into peanut butter. Although peanut butter is high fat, it’s healthy fat which is much better for your heart than fats in sweets and crisps.

5. Avocado on crisp bread

Avocado has a lot of properties of magnesium and this can actually help to lull you into dreamland. This health crazed fruit can help you fall to sleep easier, sleep better and longer and wake up easier! A perfect late night snack if you have a presentation the next day! However, not only is avocado filled with healthy fats, but avocado is a nutrient dense fruit.

6. Baked kale chips 

Kale chips are so easy to make, grab some kale, give it a rinse, put some olive oil and seasoning on, and then stick it in the oven. If you’re trying to watch your weight for summer, kale chips can be your new best friend as one cup of kale contains just thirty-four calories. But kale also contains no cholesterol and saturated fats making it an excellent choice for cardiovascular health.

7. Popcorn

This literally should be a dream come true for you, perfect Netflix food, it’s delicious, light and fun date food. You can have fun with your popcorn flavors, but lightly salted is probably going to be the easiest option with the lowest calories! Make a big batch and share it with friends, a loved one or family.

8. Avocado sorbet 

If you’re not a fan of avocado then this one is probably not for you. This is an amazing alternative for when you are craving ice cream. The creaminess of the avocado gives this a really rich and smooth taste. It’s both sweet and tart and leaves you craving more.


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