#Careergirlconfession: 8 Lies We All Tell Our Parents

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Let’s be honest, we may have told our parents some tiny white lies over the years – but it’s sometimes better they don’t know anything at all! Have a look at our list below to admit which ones you’ve been guilty of!

“I’ve been up for ages”

Truth: I’ve actually been up for 15 minutes, but have a surprisingly quick morning routine.

“I didn’t drink much last night”

Truth: I finished off a bottle of wine and did a round of tequila shots, which technically, isn’t a lot…

“I’ve finished all my work”

Truth: I’m secretly crying inside because I have so much work to do but three episodes of Gossip Girl left to watch.

“No he’s not my boyfriend”

Truth: I can’t really disclose that type of ‘friend’ with my parents, can I?

“You didn’t send me a request”

Truth: I’m ignoring your request so you don’t have to see my highly embarrassing drunk photos.

“We keep our flat tidy”

Truth: It’s a pig sty. No one is tidy. I’m losing my mind with the amount of dishes in the sink. Why did I ever decide to share a flat?

“Sorry I didn’t hear my phone”

Truth: I’m ignoring you because I’m watching Netflix.

“I go to bed at a reasonable hour”

Truth: I got into bed at 2am last night. I’m a walking zombie.

  • http://www.sedivaabroad.com/ Sarah Elizabeth


  • http://www.makeupandmodifieds.blogspot.com Ashlee Michelle

    Not only am I new to your blog, but this was the first post I read of yours and I’m so glad I did. This is hilarious and oh so true! I can’t wait to read more!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  • http://www.ohjanuary.blogspot.co.uk Hannah Lucy

    Hahaha this is just brilliant!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Ahaha this is so true



  • Katie Clark

    I love it! But I think at this point in the game, my retired parents who have no responsibility are the ones lying to me about this stuff!!

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