8 Natural Ways To Relieve Your Anxiety

photo: Penny Sage

I know the feeling of having that heavy monster sitting on your chest. The negativity you feel in your own mind, and the feeling of helpfulness and fear that comes with it. When you’re trying to progress in your career, anxiety becomes the biggest challenge. Do not fear it, with these little tips I’ll share with you how I fight my anxiety, and keep control of it.

1. Chamomile tea

I’m not for trying anything other than the standard English Breakfast Tea, but when my friend recommended me to try Chamomile to combat anxiety, I just had to give it a go. Try to drink at least three times in a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), for best calming results.

2. Eat Omega-3 foods

With healthy foods like tuna, salmon, seeds, and nuts alleviating anxiety never felt so easy. By naturally including these foods in your diet, you’ll hardly notice your problem with anxiety.

3. Inhale lavender

Even a massage with lavender oil will find your anxiety levels instantly lifting, plus who doesn’t love a massage? What’s great about this herb is that it’s so natural, and you can get into your system in many different ways such as diffusing, pouring into your bath, placing a tissue under your bed…etc.

4. Brave the outdoors

Get out! It may seem like a struggle sometimes, but remember to enjoy life and soak the benefits the outdoors have to offer. Naturally soaking up nature’s benefits will have you feeling just great, without having to worry about to use supplements.

5. Exercise

I always find that going for a run somewhere secluded help me break out of my head. I love running without headphones to disconnect me from all things technical. It gives me a chance to reflect and find my center again. Endorphins flying around your body give you that natural ‘feel good’ feeling.

6. Kava

Switch coffee for Kava. It is the Polynesian wonder for those who struggle with worry. You can brew the roots into a drink, which is the perfect solution for calming anxiety. This herb is better for the social anxiety sufferer, and a much healthier herb to lean on that some other supposed remedies for anxiety.

7.  Remain positive

Don’t let it overcome you. Accept that you cannot control everything, and understand the feeling and not fear it. This is your body, and your mind so tries to remember you are the master of it. Find out what triggers your anxiety, and keep it in a journal. This will help you handle your anxiety in these situations. Avoiding the problem will only help aid anxiety.

8. Take deep breaths

Getting yourself worked up is the worst thing you can do when you’re suffering from anxiety. But when you’re experiencing an attack that’s easier said than done. I like to think of something nostalgic, where I feel safe. I count slowly and work on my breathing until I am back in control.


How do you relieve anxiety?

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  • I Love Quiet Sundays

    4 and 5 are ways of life for me. I try to exercise every week day and then if I feel like it on the weekends. Weekends aren’t requirements. And I always exercise outside. Especially when the weather is so nice right now (In the south, where we’re currently having a month of spring before it’s blazing hot). My exercise includes yoga 3x a week which definitely helps with the staying positive and the taking deep breaths. I don’t really have anxiety attacks, just generalized anxiety. I occasionally just wake up already stressed out and the yoga helps so much with that.

    Great tips! I’ve never really tried the essential oils or the tea (I’m not much of a tea drinker).

    Chris | http://www.ilovequietsundays.com

  • Natalie Harney

    I’ve really been struggling with my anxiety recently, and I’ve been looking for something new to try and alleviate it – perhaps I’ll try and get some more Omega 3 in my diet

    – Natalie

  • Amy M

    Taking deep breaths and getting outside makes the world of a difference ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy