#Careergirlconfession: 8 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Single Right Now


People may think that being single sucks, and many people hate being on their own. But here at CGD we don’t believe that for a second, being on your own gives you a chance to stretch your wings and rock that independence…here’s why!


1. It’s so much cheaper

There’s no one to buy expensive gifts for (other than yourself), and if you fancy a nice meal out you can afford three courses!

2. You can be flexible

You don’t have to clear your diary for anyone. Your time is your own and you can do with it what you will!

3. There’s no drama

There’s nothing like a calm and stress free zone. Being single limits the amount of drama in your life (though you may still get some from your friends!).

4. A guilt-free GNO

A girls night out is one of the best ways to enjoy single life. Dance all night long and go home whenever you feel like it – there are no rules for a single girl!

5. You can do what you want

Experience new things you never thought you would. Being single lets you explore avenues you thought you would never try, travel wherever you want and do what you please. You can find yourself while you’re single.

6. You can love yourself

You have more time to love and nurture yourself. Get a manicure if you fancy it, and take time to treat yourself – you deserve it!

7. Time management

There is no more rush – take as much time as you need to get ready in the morning without your partner nagging you to move along; a bathroom all to yourself. The sheer bliss!

8. You can focus on your career

While you’re single there are less things to juggle, and you can use the time to focus solely on yourself and getting to where you want to be without feeling selfish for neglecting anybody around you. Of course you can do this while comfortably committed too, but it’s easier than focusing on your career while starting a new relationship.

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  • http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr/ Camille Beygui

    Ahah this post made me feel so much better !



  • Zoe Joy

    It’s so freeing being single. I think my favorite thing about single life is loving yourself. Not having to have a partner validate you, but you validate yourself. And also being self employed, it’s great to have time to build my career. Thanks for posting


  • http://exploresmore.com Julia

    There really is something liberating about it. The only person you have to take into consideration when making choices is yourself, there’s so much less pressure! Lovely article CGD!



    • Lois

      That is one of the best parts of being single for sure! x

  • http://www.justkeepbrains.com Schnauzevoll

    Yes on all of these! I am happy seeing my friends in their relationship but i think for the moment i am perfectly fine being single!

  • http://cazmime.blogspot.fr Camille

    As my last relationship was toxic I couldn’t agree more because I am so happy since I have been single. Doing what you want and going to last minute diners, for example, without justifying yourself and stuff … it’s great! I love seeing cute couples but I sure don’t belong to them. x

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