8 Reasons Why Miranda Was Your #GirlCrush in Sex And The City




Let’s be honest. While we were all enchanted with Carrie’s quest for love, it was Miranda whom we secretly admired for her fierce personality and “power woman” confidence. Here’s why Miranda proved that she was the best character in Sex And The City:

She was never afraid to stand up for herself

Like any other woman, she was catcalled but she took it in her stride and turned the tables on them. Lesson learnt: NEVER mess with Miranda!

She knew that life was more than just about boyfriends

While Carrie was indecisive with her search for love and Charlotte remained a hopeless romantic, Miranda made it clear that no man could stop her from being the powerful woman that she is.

She didn’t allow her love life ruin her career

While Carrie abandoned her job (temporarily) for Petrovsky and Samantha almost put her career in jeopardy by sleeping with her boss Richard, Miranda chose to work hard despite how she felt about her love life. As a result, she bought her first apartment in Manhattan (pretty impressive), became a partner at a law firm and went on to marry Steve, the love of her life. 

She didn’t apologize for not being ‘girly’

While most women in New York were overly concerned about blow-outs and touch ups, Miranda rocked the suit and tie better than any other man. She even had the nerve to walk out of the house with overalls with such confidence! 

She didn’t believe in ‘fairytale’ relationships 

While Carrie was going back and forth between Mr.Big and Charlotte was obsessed with finding true love, Miranda took charge her life like the boss that she is. She didn’t allow herself to be blinded by happy endings but remained realistic and down-to-earth about her thoughts on love and relationships.

She gave real advice to her friends – even when they didn’t wanna hear it

Instead of keeping her opinions to herself, she dished them out with good intentions, even if it was something they didn’t wanna hear. While she’s always been supportive of the girls, she was also real and honest with them.

She stood by her friends no matter what

Despite her differences with the girls, she stood by them as they went from one heartbreak to another. She was always loyal, unwavering and loved the girls despite all their quirks and silliness when it came to dating. If there’s ever a book on how to be a great friend, it would’ve been written by Miranda Hobbes.

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