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All we’ve seen in the news lately is cases of female celebrities Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid being attacked by a Ukrainian prankster. We were also shocked by Kim’s robbery ordeal, and as we examined, it can happen to people who aren’t in the spotlight.

The attacks upon women and men are raising the issue of assault all over the world. It is documented that 1 in 4 women in the US will experience an attempted or completed assault in their lifetime – a sickening number.

So, in order to spread some awareness, we decided to compile a list of safety tips for our girls out there.

#1 Carry a torch 
Wherever you are, keep a little handheld torch on your keys or in your handbag. This can help with identifying the area you are in if it’s dark.

#2 Text someone
If you’ve left your friend’s house, let them know when you’re home safe by calling or texting them. This will save a lot of worries and can also alert your friend if they haven’t heard from you.

#3 Find My Friends
If you have an iPhone, you can use the Find My Friends App which pinpoints your phone’s, and ultimately your, location. This can be a lot of help if you’re in a strange city or neighborhood.

#4 Take A Class In Self-Defense
Get online and try to find your friendly local self-defense class. These classes can help you prepare yourself for an impending attack and allow you the ability to defend yourself during dangerous situations. Gigi thanked her personal trainer after she defended herself by elbowing the guy in the face. We should all be prepared to defend ourselves if necessary.

#5 Lock Your Doors
This includes your car doors. There have been multiple cases where robberies have occurred at traffic lights because of unlocked doors. Make a habit of locking your doors wherever you go, in order to keep you and your property safe at all times.

#6 Be Aware
If an area looks dangerous, trust your instincts. Don’t walk around an empty area with your headphones in as your concentration will be lessened and you won’t be as aware as usual.

#7 Get A Taxi
 Long walk home at 11pm? Get an Uber or a taxi. Sure it’ll cost more but it’ll also get you home safe.

#8 Stay In Busy, Well-Lit Areas 
It’s really safety in numbers. Make sure wherever you’re traveling is well-lit and won’t be completely deserted.

Stay safe out there Girls!

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  • Bryony Angell

    Also refrain from wearing earbuds while out walking around or exercising in public. It’s so tempting to be transported by music or a podcast, but you are putting your safety in the hands of someone else when you cut off your ability to hear your environment.

  • Taste of France

    I agree with Bryony–don’t wear both earbuds. Make sure you can hear what’s around you. And wear shoes you can walk/run in. If you know absolutely that you will take an Uber from door to door, then OK, wear the stilettos. But if you need to walk any distance at all, have a pair of “sensible” shoes in your back and switch. Better safe than sorry.

  • Ana

    So true – really good tips. Great that you write a post like this! xx Ana http://www.disasterdiary.de

  • Jo Gomila

    I was also once advised to not wear ponytails or braids when taking night walks as it is easier to be grabbed by them quickly, and specially at night when lightning might not be the best feature of the street.

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