8 Rules For Creating A Blog That Stays Successful

So you’ve decided to start a blog. You’ve decided on a name and niche, you’ve chosen a hosting platform, you’ve created the site design, you’ve started writing posts and you’ve established a presence on social media. You’ve done so much! However, creating a blog and then ensuring the success of that blog are two different things. Luckily, CGD is going to share with you some important secrets that will help your blog stand out and get the attention it deserves.

Refine your voice.
When writing posts for your blog, you will notice that you write with a certain style. Perhaps you write in a short and succinct manner or maybe you like to incorporate humor. Take note of your style and refine your voice by ensuring authenticity. In other words, be yourself and let your personality shine.

Ensure original content.
Although posts about popular topics will attract a specific target audience, add some spice to your content. Brainstorm ideas for posts that demonstrate creativity and offer readers something fresh. And don’t be afraid to take risks. You never know what will spark attention.

Don’t forget about pictures.
Regardless of the type of blog that you have created, pictures will be an integral aspect of the site. Even if you aren’t a self-made photographer, incorporating quality pictures into posts will be both visually stimulating and will help readers assign added meaning to what is written (which will keep them coming back!).

Interact with your readers.
The beauty of a blog is that it has the ability to be interactive. Encourage your readers to post comments or to follow your blog’s social media accounts. This interaction will help you get to know your readers and will allow your readers to get to know you. It will add a personal touch that will also enable you to develop content that directly interests your target audience.

Ignore negativity.
Not everyone who reads your blog is going to like everything about it. And some people will be vocal and voice their thoughts. Ignore them! Focusing on negativity has damaging effects and has the potential to cause you to lose focus. Keep your eye on the prize and not on negative comments. Delete them.

Follow your vision.
As time passes, you may be tempted to incorporate content that may not entirely fall within your original vision. Although important to take risks in the content you create, it should still be a part of your vision for the blog. So develop a vision board and keep it somewhere you can always refer to it. This will ensure that all of the content you publish adheres to your vision.

Manage your time.
Most bloggers at some point or another struggle to balance their day job with blogging. Buy a blog planner (Etsy has so many cute ones!). It will help you keep organized. In that planner create a schedule that highlights when you set aside time to write content, take pictures, post content, interact with readers and attend blog-related meetings (see below_ or events (i.e., networking!). Keeping organized will ensure that you meet your deadlines.

Build your brand.
Now that you’ve established your blog and you’re ready to spread your wings a bit more, start researching marketing strategies. This includes contacting companies and inquiring about sponsors, affiliate, and advertising programs. The relationships that you build with others will help you build and expand your brand. It’s also important to create a media kit for your blog, have a look at how other brands and bloggers do it and craft your own that aligns with the design of your blog.

Every blogger has a different reason as to why they wanted to create a blog. Although a great creative outlet, blogging is also a business that takes a lot of hard work to maintain and generate success. We hope these eight tips will help aspiring or current bloggers take their blog to the next level. Happy blogging!

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