8 Self-Care Habits You Need If You’re Over 30


You should be thinking of ways to invest in yourself in your 30s because the earlier you start, the better. Your thirties are better than your twenties, they’re a step up, when you know more about life and are trying to discover and work the rest out. When you enter a period of learning and start figuring out who you should surround yourself with. When you invest in yourself in your 30s you are investing in the rest of your life.

1. Build up your network

Whatever career industry you have decided to enter, building a network of contacts will benefit you from the start, all the way through your career. 

2. Gain valuable advice from your parents and grandparents

You’ve entered adult life and there is nothing wrong with understanding that you will need all the help you can get. From career advice through to budget management, learn from the people who have gone through it all before.

3. Be smarter with your money

Yes, investing in your financial knowledge is a form of self-care. Budgeting will be essential throughout your twenties, but in your thirties you want to learn how to make money. You want to know how to invest and make that money make more money.  

4. Invest in a durable, multi-functional wardrobe

In your thirties, you want to invest in clothes that will last, that are fashionable and functional.

5. Upskill

Ever wanted to learn sign language or how to code a website? A survey suggests that employers lean more towards training than hiring new people. Upskilling is more than just a new hobby, it’s a fantastic way to stand out to your employers or to help you progress further with a new role.

6. Invest in a mentor, therapist or life coach

The ICF performed a survey that showed 35% of respondents from Generation Z already invest in life coaching. This is a fantastic way to set yourself personal and professional goals and layout an achievable pathway to smash them. This is the best way you can invest in yourself in your 30s.

7. Date yourself

There are many years ahead of you, so what better time to get to know and love yourself than in your twenties? Try new things, spend time alone, and identify what makes you great.

8. Don’t be afraid of failure

We are always taught that failure is bad, but sometimes you can learn a lot more from failure than success. Lean into it and learn from it. 

8. Build up other women

We live in a very competitive world, don’t add to it by tearing other women down to try and get ahead. There are opportunities for everyone, so let’s spend our time building each other up.


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