8 Simple Ways I Relax After A Stressful Day Of Work

planner1At the moment CGD isn’t really a job for us, it consumes our lives and we aren’t ever really ‘off’. I can’t remember the last time I just spontaneously had fun, because I know if I wanna go out or do something I have to plan really well to make sure that everything is scheduled and ready to go on the site, the other girls feel the same.

We love CGD, we’ve put our hearts and souls into it in many different ways, so it’s only natural that we can’t help but check the site, our emails, stats and social media accounts every single spare second of the day. With that in mind, it’s only natural that we’ve started crashing, I actually sat with my head in my hands on the balcony today because my desktop background (which is supposed to be motivating) says ‘work’ on it, and I just couldn’t bring myself to think about my weekend tasks. It’s hard but sometimes when you’re starting a company, website or project you have to put 110% in and still make time to relax. Here’s how I do it.

#1 Run a bubble bath!

Never underestimate the importance of a good bath. I like baths for relaxation because they force me to sit down for a bit and take a little time out to think. My favourite bath essentials are Lush bath bombs, you just can’t beat them! I like to pour a glass of wine, grab a magazine that I don’t mind getting a little soggy and unwind in the bath.

#2 Eat junk…

I admit I’m putting on weight just because I need comfort food, like all the time. If there’s a choice of salad or pizza, I’ll go for pizza. I keep telling myself I’ll sort out my diet once I sort out my life, because I’m always typing away on my laptop and I just need a can of coke and a Margarita pizza okay?!

#3 Sing!

Weird one, but true. Singstar really helps to destress. Not only is it hilarious (shout out to my boyfriend Andre and our friend Josh singing Frozen the other day – classic!) but it seriously works to relieve stress that you might not even know was there. I like to choose a couple of songs I know I’ll be crap at just because it adds to the hilarity. Just make sure nobody’s filming you!

#4 Apply makeup.

I live for makeup tutorials on YouTube. I have two crates of makeup sitting waiting for me downstairs whenever I want to experiment, so I’ll pop on a tutorial and try out a new smokey eye or something.  I can spend hours perfecting my eyebrows or applying glitter to my eyes, and I’ve forgotten how stressed I was in an instant. Also, hands up who narrates their makeup application as if they’re doing a tutorial? I know for a fact it’s not just me!

#5  Leave my phone in another room.

I love our group Whatsapp, it means that we can constantly work on getting things done and we can communicate with each other instantly about all things CGD. The downside of this is that I’m always striving to be better. So whenever something needs doing, I do it that second. I will literally drop anything I’m doing to make it right, whether I’m at a social event or in the middle of a shower. Sometimes it’s nice to leave it in another room for a couple of hours.

#6 Pin! Pin! Pin!

Something about Pinterest just soothes me. Nice, neatly laid out photographs of peoples legs, pets and food make me so happy. I always think I’d love to see what my Facebook friends would do with Pinterest, I think the kinds of visuals people choose says a lot about them and it really intrigues me.

#7 Yoga.

I just bought myself a super cute yoga mat, so now I can do yoga in the middle of the living room whenever the mood takes me. I like to do a plank every day, but I’ve downloaded a couple of yoga apps to help me stretch out after being hunched over a computer all day. Being healthier is my number one goal at the moment, I’m increasing the amount of water I drink and trying to go for long walks. I think I hate being healthy, but I guess it works to give my brain a break.

#8 Schedule!

I absolutely love scheduling, planning and organising. I’m actually looking into buying an amazing new planner right now, I need a planner that encourages me to keep good habits, and that’s big and bulky enough for me to scribble all my daily tasks into it. I think if I schedule my life even better I’ll have way more time to relax, but writing it all down is quite cathartic and helps me realise there isn’t that much to be done and it’ll be fine! I’m absolutely in love with The Happiness Planner right now. I’m saving up my pennies to get it!

Hey lovely readers! What do you do to relax? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll steal some of your ideas. Also, as you all know (because we keep banging on about it) we’ve been nominated for an award in the Bloglovin’ Awards 2015. Please vote for us, it would mean so much to all of us, it’s really because of all of you that we’ve even got this far and we value you all so much! Thank you for your support, encouragement and feedback these past 7 months! X

  1. I also do all that .. You are so right about Pinterest it brings relaxation. I also read a book or just read stuff on Bloglovin app.

  2. For me a couple of things, being the best (week-day) read a book! I really get disconnected via the book I’m reading and navigate into the story. Love that status, avoids going to bed and dreaming about work.
    I read blogs or listen to music. If I’m working away from home go out to some nice place and have a chat with people. On Fridays just going out with friends. A bath is also a good one but that needs to be followed with some music otherwise I keep on thinking about work

  3. @ MissLilly: reading is the best thing for me too! Especially when I had a hard day. There is just something incredibly relaxing and magical in reading a great book.

    @ Beth: That is one awesome list. You have a great job (and hopefully no overtime involved), but I guess stressful days happen everywhere.

    Linda D. ❈ https://will-work-for-coffee.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. This might be a weird one but I just sit. I will get home from work, and just sit. No technology, no music, no nothing. And that soothes me so much.

  5. Yes to all of these! I’ve recently discovered the joy of a bath with a glass of wine to switch off, mostly because I can’t bring anything electronic near the bath, making it impossible to do work in there! I’m a fiend for scheduling as well and considering buying a separate planner just for the blog!

    Laura x

  6. I am definitely guilty of narrating my makeup application with no camera filming it whatsoever, haha! Actually, watching tutorials is one way for me to wind down after a long day, too. YouTube in general – it’s just an endless source of distraction!

    Lisa x

  7. Yes to Pinterest. It will definitely help your mind think about something else. I love pinning.

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