8 Super Simple Ways To Become More Confident

Become More Confident
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Confidence is key. Whether you’re asking for a raise, going to a job interview or enjoying a night out with friends. People gravitate to confidence, and luckily, it’s not something that everybody’s born with.

We’re all different, so if you feel like you lack the confidence to be outgoing and to go after what you want, you can train yourself! Throwing yourself into situations that make you feel uncomfortable is the best way to train confidence, if that’s not your thing, here are eight simple tricks that will make you feel more confident than ever!

1. Stand up straight

You can do this anywhere and start right now. Standing straight and tall, sitting with your shoulders open and keeping your gaze up can all lead to you feeling and looking more confident. Good posture echoes into all your thoughts and actions and is a super simple confidence hack wherever you are.

2. Create a ‘glory board’

Take the time to see how you shine and create your own glory board. Sort of like a vision board, but for all the things you’ve achieved so far.

Start by listing all the achievements, features and traits you love about yourself. Big or small. You can go as far back as you want – rocked that pop quiz in second grade? Hell yes you did – get it on the list. Think of this list as your own support crew or cheerleading squad and pop it somewhere you’ll see it often. Revisit it when you’re having a wobble for a direct map back to confident central.

3. Pick one feature/trait you love about yourself

And TELL yourself you love it! Do you love you clear skin, killer silhouette, intense gaze? Maybe your ambition is unparalleled or you make the world’s best homemade iced-tea. Sing your praises lady, even if it is just to your bedroom mirror.

4. Stop comparing

We all do it and it’s not easy to stop but the sooner we do the better we’ll all feel. Embrace your own journey, take inspiration from those you admire but remember you will NEVER know the full story or see their whole in a snapshot on social media. You are right where you need to be in YOUR life so stop comparing it because comparison is always unfair and unfulfilling.

5. Visualize success

Make your confidence soar by believing in your dreams and checking in with them regularly. Take a deep breath over your next cappuccino and really feel where you want to be going and what you want to achieve. What’s happening in your vision of success? Who is sharing it with you? Can you taste the bubbles from that celebratory toast, do you already know what you’ll say in the acceptance speech? Dream big and you’ll do bigger.

6. Smile!

It’s surprisingly difficult to feel insecure when you’ve got a smile on your freshly glossed lips. Try smiling for no reason (maybe in the shower or on your drive into work) and you’ll be picking up your endorphin levels and listing your spirits leading to a simple and sustainable confidence boost. Fake it ‘ till you make it girl, and your smile will be true in no time.

7. Boost other people’s confidence first

Boost other people’s confidence and you’ll feel your own grow in response. Give sincere compliments to those in your path and make other people feel great. There’s no better feeling than helping to make someone else’s day and you’ll notice more positivity being directed at you in return.

8. Get moving

Break a sweat to get out of a confidence crisis. Not only does physical exercise boost your endorphin levels and blood flow, it’ll boost your self-belief in your ability and appearance, leading to a healthy glow in your cheeks and your confidence levels!

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