8 Things All Girls Do Thanks To Technology

We’re in the digital age, girls. Everywhere we go, the world is powered by apps and electronics, and whether we like it or not, our behaviour has changed thanks largely to technology! Here are some totally realistic things all girls do thanks to technology!

#1 Pout

We could smile, but we’ve been hardwired to pout even just the slightest amount to make ourselves look like a duck that’s a little bit too satisfied with itself. I don’t know why we do this. I do it all the time!

#2 Over analyse

So maybe we always over analysed a little bit, but thanks to technology we can now wonder what it means when that certain someone Snapchats us, over analyse their WhatsApp status and stalk the things they like on Facebook. It’s a time where the people we like are more connected to us than ever, so it’s no wonder we all get a little bit weird.

#3 Struggle to commit

I mean to one basket in our online checkout, of course. We can shop with just a few clicks now, so naturally we create multiple baskets filled with stuff and then just can’t commit. Most of us delete some of the stuff in our basket to make room for other non-essential items.

#4 Document everything

I mean everything. Get your phone ready, one of these trillion pictures might be good for Instagram. Sometimes we lose the moment because we’re way too busy snapping it. Oh well.

#5 Suffer from FOMO

You avoid Snapchat when you know there’s going to be a story on there showing you exactly what you’re missing. We all suffer from FOMO at some point, and thanks to social media – we get to see that nobody’s actually missing us.

#6 Get frustrated

How many times have you wanted to smash your phone into a million pieces? It can’t be just me that gets super angry when autocorrect changes something at the last second or the phone calls someone randomly? Phew! We’ve all had days where we just hate technology. The internet is slow, our fave show isn’t streaming and we might as well switch it all off and read a good book.

#7 Become emoji-obsessed

Admit it, we’re all a little emoji obsessed. Who even designed a poo with eyes and a smile anyway? It’s the weirdest but coolest thing ever! Every conversation needs at least 5 emojis to convey the mood.

#8 Forget everything

No need to remember our besties birthday anymore, Facebook’s got our back! Gone are the days of writing down numbers and emails in address books, we trust technology to remember these things so we can focus on the more important stuff – like remembering what happened in that episode of Friends we saw ten years ago, or remembering that one time we did something super embarrassing in front of everyone! Glad we freed up some space in our brains for those memories.

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  1. I have a new phone and the auto correct is making me seem illiterate – I have sent very embarrassing messages that read like Edward Lear nonsense rhymes – smashing it off the nearest wall has seemed very appealing xx

  2. Dara, I empathise with you! My autocorrect routinely corrects me in subtle ways so that I sound like a crazy person. Or my phone decides to send emails that I’m drafting, or call people for no reason, or freeze…argh! xx

  3. wow, i can relate to EVERY thing you said. :( i am gulity of over analysing and trying to document everything.


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