8 Funny Things We All Do After A First Date

You had a date tonight with someone you met through a mutual friend. Or maybe it was at a bar. Perhaps it was on Match.com or through Tinder.

Regardless of how you acquired said date, we are all guilty of doing a few common things at the end of the night or during the following few days. Admit it!

1. You do a happy dance.

Do you remember that scene in 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigl’s character is asked out on a date and she takes a moment to close the door and do a happy dance? Well, we all do our own version of that same dance the second our date drops us off and we close our front doors. Don’t deny it. If the date went well, chances are we’re doing a happy dance.

2. You call your besties.

The heels come off, the dress is exchanged for your favorite pair of sweats and you immediately call your best friend. You have to tell her all about how the date went and get her perspective. With a glass of wine in hand, the two of you talk on the phone as you describe the date in length. We all need to gush the deets to someone!

3. You become pessimistic.

The date was awful. You’ve been on many similar dates and you begin to wonder if the right person will ever come along. Don’t for a second think you’re undatable. Although it can be helpful to wallow for a bit, brush away the blues by popping some popcorn and watching your favorite film. Or if it’s early enough, hit the town with your girlfriends. Onto the next!

4. You get ahead of yourself.

The date went perfectly, you could practically see the sparks flying, which leads you to wondering if they’re the one. One thought leads to the next and all of a sudden you’re thinking about your future together, which includes a picture perfect house with a white picket fence and adorable children. STOP. You’re fast-forwarding way too far. Enjoy the moment!

5. You overanalyze.

You’re totally excited and feeling like your stomach is filled with those cliché butterflies. However, your optimism quickly turns into an episode of Crime Scene Investigation as you begin to over analyze and question the date. Maybe your Prince Charming is too good to be true? Or what if he didn’t have a good time and you’ll never hear from him again? Only time will tell.

6. You can’t decide if or when to text them.

You definitely want to score a second date. But shouldn’t it be the guy to get in touch with you for round two? Who says the girl can’t do it? So now you’re thinking that you’ll muster up the courage to send him a text (because nobody actually calls each other nowadays), but when should you do it? Should you follow the “three day” rule? If you had a really great time, why wouldn’t waiting one day be socially acceptable? The dilemma continues…

7. You stalk his social media.

So while you’re hemming and hawing over whether or not you should text him, you decide to creep his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, maybe even his LinkedIn. Why not throw a Google search in there? It’s like running an unofficial background check after a job interview. Whatever your style of investigation may be, please, refrain from that friend request or follower initiation. He doesn’t need to know of your creeper status just yet.

8. You can become a little crazy.

So while you are perusing through his Facebook pictures, you may start to revisit the date in you mind. Now things start to come up that didn’t before. Like you totally forgot about that awkward silence. You may be asking yourself, “What if that was a turn-off?” Don’t get hung up on those awkward moments. Lets face it. We are all pretty awkward.

Maybe you’ve only done one or two of these common doings after a first date. Or maybe you’ve done them all. Regardless of your record, we are all guilty as charged. If you need more dating advice, why not check out these 8 lies all twentysomethings should stop believing or these 6 stupid things we do when we’re in love.

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So fingers crossed for a second date? Let’s try fingers and toes.



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