8 Things I Learned About Men From Sex And The City

I recently started to watch every episode of Sex and The City again, because I’d only seen several loose episodes but never in chronological order. I can tell you I’m totally hooked, again. But I noticed there are also some very valuable lessons about men and relationships hidden underneath a thick layer of fashion, cocktails and of course sex. So here are 10 things we can learn about men from Sex and The City.

1. There is someone for all of us

Whether it’s a decent lawyer or a nice bartender there will be someone out there for all of us. Sometimes it takes a thousand dates to find what we looking for, but no worries. Eventually we all find our Mr Big and we’ll also have a happy ending.

2. Complicated doesn’t mean impossible

If I learned anything from Carrie and Big’s relationship it’s that complicated doesn’t mean impossible. Sometimes life gets in the way, but if you’re both willing to fight for it, it can work out. Love is a weird thing and men are totally different when it comes to it than women but there is always a way to figure things out.

3. Men don’t always understand fashion

Of course there are some seriously fashionable men in the world, but the chances are your average guy just doesn’t get it that when you’re wearing a pair of way too expensive high heels, you don’t feel like going for a long walk through the park. They also don’t understand why it is such a big deal to find the perfect dress for a night out or how we can spend hours doing our hair and make-up…

4. Men in New York are always single

Not a very valuable lesson, but in all the episodes I’ve watched so far, there was never a man who was taken or married. Only one guy who cheated on his wife with Samantha but she still persuaded him to sleep with her. So I think I have to move to New York to find a partner, because apparently all single men live there. New York girls, you are so lucky!

5. They don’t mind having sex on the first date

I’m not saying that from now on you should sleep with every guy on the first date, but according to SATC men don’t mind if it happens. Carrie and Big had sex on their first date too. So if you feel good about it, go for it!

6. They have a soft side, too

Men do have a soft side and sometimes they show it to you. When your significant other feels comfortable enough to be honest with you and tell you how they’re really feeling you know you’re in the right relationship.

7. Communication isn’t their best quality

Remember when Big decided to move to Paris and ‘forgot’ to tell Carrie about it until the day before he left? Yeah well, according to SATC some men aren’t as good at talking as we are. Hopefully that kind of stuff doesn’t happen in real life.

8. There are a million ways to say ‘I love you’

Don’t wait for those big three words like a lost puppy. There’s nothing better than being in a relationship where those words are said all the time, but look for the little things too! There are hundreds of little ways to let each other know how you feel, from buying gifts to being a listening ear during tough times.

By Shelley Beekman

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  1. Every-time that I watch Sex and the City (more or less once a year..upsi!), I hate more and more and more Mr Big. I just can´t stand him. But all the other men they end up having relationships with are just adorable. And, if NY has so many adorable single (and successful) men, it´s the perfect place to be!

    But, as Big said in the last episode, the girls are the most important people in Carrie´s life: having great friends is another thing that new yorkers seem to have (Gossip Girl, Friends….). YAY to NEW YORK!


  2. Love this post! I rewatched SATC recently and just love it!


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