8 Things To Know About Dating An Independent Girl


We’re not the women waiting for the husbands to come home anymore. We’ve had centuries fading behind the man, and have come too far in our independence to go back being dependant now. We may be career driven, but that doesn’t mean to say we’re not boy crazy. But with guys not understanding how to handle a woman who is independent, we’re settling into the Bridget Jones lifestyle and holding out for Mark Darcy. So, here’s what you need to know about dating an independent girl, and why it’s not so bad:

1. She likes to be alone too y’know

Today alone, we’ve had to deal with wolf whistles and a workload that’s taller than we are in heels. When we get home don’t be concerned when we want some quiet time to ourselves. We’re not trying to lose a guy in ten days, we just want alone time like everyone else.

2. Let her get her own shit together

We don’t need to rely on a guy to fix our problems. Hell, we’ve never relyed on a guy to help us get our careers, so we don’t need one to start spieling out advice. We’re powerful women, so recognize us as this!

3. She can pay her own way

Don’t dub us as extreme feminists because we like to split the bill. We’re not asserting dominance, we can just look after ourselves. Overwhelming us with expensive gifts can be nice, but we don’t need them, we’re the ones who fork out sixty dollars for moisturizer every other month!

4. Her career isn’t a hobby

The careers we’re working so hard for isn’t a hobby that we will give up when we’re married. We’re working hard to be successful in our own right. Men take their careers so seriously, why are we not allowed to do the same?

5. We choose you

Our plan isn’t about getting married to any suitable guy that just plods along. We’re successful and if we end up as spinsters, we’re not overly concerned. We build our relationships on guys we actually like.

6. She has her own ways of handling things

We’ve fought so hard to be recognized as who we are, we’ve been through some tough times, so don’t feel disheartened if we don’t take your advice to approach a certain topic your way. We’re stubborn like that, so let us try and work it out first.

7. She doesn’t want to mother before she’s a mother

We have to focus on making sure our own shit is together. We want someone who can take care of themselves, who can help themselves. We’re independent because we know how to take care ourselves, we don’t want to lose that to any man.

8. We want to be loved

Just because we like our own space and don’t need molly cuddling, doesn’t mean to say that we don’t like affection and crave it. We’re human after all, we want to be cherished, accepted for who we are and loved for it. Hug, please!


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Libby is CGD's Editorial Assistant, when she's not writing she's usually got her nose buried in some new fantastic book, spending all of her money in Zara or searching for her Mark Darcy.