8 Things You Only Know If You Play Pokemon Go



Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and has not only reignited our love of Pokemon once again buried deep in our 90s kids hearts, but has people of all ages playing! (Even people who don’t know what a Pikachu is.)

It’s been so popular that some people have been selling their high-level accounts on eBay (one bidding war stopped at £7,300). Here are some hilarious, annoying #PokemonGoProblems that are totally relatable. The struggle is real….

#1 If you see one more Pidgey or Rattata you’re going to lose your mind…

anne hathaway gif

And you know what’s even worse? Walking 10km to hatch an egg and finding a Pidgey inside!

#2 All the Pokemon and Poke Balls lost to server issues


Due to the unexpected popularity of the new game, the servers are a bit crap. And now since the launch of it in Japan last week, they’re struggling even more! When will this be sorted? Who knows.

#3 Hey Uber driver….umm can you just drive around for 5 km so I can incubate my eggs?


If you’re super lazy you can just ride around on the bus all day to catch Pokemon and to hatch your eggs- it still thinks you’re walking! Silly, silly app.

#4 When a Pokemon rocks up to the office but you have no Poke Balls left…


Plus you want to look like a responsible, hard-working adult.


#5 When you want to hang out with your BFF but she only wants to ‘walk’ places…


Suspicious. She’s not talking to you and randomly flicking her wrists. Plus all the places she wants to stop for coffee are mysteriously full of other people playing. Priorities.

#6 Being stuck at your desk at work while someone set up a lure only yards away from you…



#7 Going out at 12:15 pm in PJs and no bra because a Hitmonchan was in the neighborhood


It’s the sacrifice you have to make.

#8 Making eye contact with someone on public transport after pointing your phone at them


You just caught a Dratini…but they think you’re taking photos of them.

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  • Jen

    This is amazing! And sad. And, oh, so true. Pokemon Go for life!–or until the servers crash forever.


  • Yankified

    Ha ha ha!! I started playing a week ago and I am addicted!!! Completely understand the point about Pidgey and Rattata, grrrrr

    Amy | http://www.yankified.com

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    omg these are amazing! i promised myself that i wouldnt get addicted to it but now I am obsessed! haha!!


  • mckenzie allyshia

    I laughed pretty hard at all of these points because they are all so true!

  • Hillary Flinn

    Yesss. Especially that last one — a woman in my neighbourhood thought I was taking pictures of her baby and seemed pretty creeped out. It was just a Pokémon, I promise! I wrote about my own Pokémon Go Problems on my blog here: http://wp.me/p73O8t-bl

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Hillary | http://www.flinntrospection.com

  • Camille Beygui

    Ahaha this is so true

  • Jazz Juarez

    Lol so much yessssss. Especially at work. It’s so hard because there’s some dead time every now and then so I make up for it by walking after work. Also have a post on Pokewalk essentials if you want to check it out. http://bit.ly/10PokeWalk

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