8 Things You Should Never Ever Wear To Work

photo: Neon Blush

With the decline of dress codes in many workplaces today, there seems to be a little confusion as to what is appropriate and what is not, even on casual Fridays. The first tip I have to offer, if at any point you question whether what you are wearing before you leave your home is okay then it probably is not.

Your intuition is trying to keep you from embarrassment and “oh no she didn’t” faces from co-workers, so listen.

Flip Flops

This goes without saying. So just ask yourself…why? Then put your shoes on.

Body Cons

Love your body in all shapes and sizes, show your curves and work that sexy – just not in the office.

Crop tops

Bellies were never to be shown at work…never, ever! Yes, you have worked hard on those abs, I get it. But your workplace would appreciate you coming to work fully clothed. Just saying.


Heels higher than 3 – 4 inches are reserved for special work places. If you have not been told to wear sexy heels with your outfit then it is probably safe to say a nice 3-inch pump should be your go to.

Ripped jeans

I will admit, as a fashion marketing educator, I have tested this out. I work with fashionable people, right? However, every now and again I would see someone’s eyes shift (secretly) to my jeans while in mid conversation. I can only imagine what they thought of my exposed knees.


Keeping personal feelings about tattoos aside, (I have one!) most workplaces find them the epitome of unprofessional. In the workplace, they should be kept hidden under clothing or with makeup. So before heading off to the local parlor for that face or neck tattoo, consider where you see yourself in 5 years or less.

Sheer blouses

Even with a tank or t-shirt underneath, sheer blouses just don’t scream “working professional”.

Linen trousers

They are deceptive. You feel covered and in normal house lighting you seem safe; but in office lighting, coverage is bare and you and your career opportunities are exposed.

If you are now thinking, “Hmmm, well what do I wear to work”, feel free to read about just that.


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