8 Times The Hills Was Our Favorite TV Show


When I was younger, I wished my life would be like The Hills. I’d sit in my bed and obsessively watch season after season and end up with a slight American twang afterwards. Then I’d lament the fact that we couldn’t make our own reality TV show about the dramas of my high school boyfriends and the fall outs we had. Life didn’t turn out to be like The Hills at all. Sometimes I miss the drama of the show. The first reality TV show I ever watched, long before KUWTK

Uhh, well good news. The tenth anniversary (yes tenth!) of The Hills is upon us, which means we get another special. That Was Then, This Is Now will clear up some rumors and get our favorite cast members back together. In honor of that, here are a few of our favorite moments from The Hills. Ten years? Really?

When Audrina’s boyfriend kissed another girl literally right in front of her (Season 3 Episode 16)

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Remember Justin (wants to be called Bobby) Bobby? Audrina sees him kissing another girl at a bar right in front of her. Audrina confronts them both and the confrontation ended with her walking away in tears while Justin puts his arm around her. That was a shocking moment right there, especially as Justin and Audrina’s relationship was off-screen too.

When Kristin Cavallari declared “It’s On Bitch!” (Season 5 Episode 11)

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Justin Bobby seemed to be the heartthrob of The Hills. Kristin flying off the handle was one of my favorite moments actually. She went a little crazy, arms up, warning Audrina not to mess with her, and the line “It’s on bitch!” was instantly immortalized. It was funny and shocking, but also relatable.

When Heidi unveiled her new look (Season 6 Episode 1)

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Heidi wasn’t comfortable with her girl-next-door looks and underwent some plastic surgery to feel more confident. Her looks and her body were totally her choice, but it caused some controversy. It was actually quite sad seeing her mother struggle to come to terms with the changes her daughter had gone through.

When Lauren became “the girl who didn’t go to Paris” (Season 1 Episode 10)

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Lauren was invited to go to Paris in the summer with Teen Vogue. But she turned it down to stay in L.A. and be with her boyfriend Jason. Lisa Love predicted LC was “going to always be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris.” But part of us hoped love would win out. It didn’t. She ended up having a shitty summer while Whitney took her Paris seat and had the best time ever.

When Lauren and Heidi had a fight (Season 3 Episode 1)


One of the saddest things in The Hills was the death of Heidi and Lauren’s friendship. Sure Heidi was a bit of a live wire sometimes but their dynamic was #goals. When Spencer came onto the scene things got nasty, and this fight was the result of a rumor someone started about Lauren and her ex boyfriend.

When Heidi almost cost Lauren her internship (Season 1 Episode 1)

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Lauren Conrad was an intern at Teen Vogue, doing her best and being a good Career Girl. But Heidi had other ideas about a party she was working at. She showed up with a group of friends and almost ended the internship for Lauren. Imagine if your friend did that!

When Heidi and Spencer got married (Season 4 Episode 19)

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Urgh! It happened, and none of us thought it would. Speidi was the couple we loved to hate, and when they got married it was a surreal moment for the cast and viewers. People shouted from behind their TV screens but the couple are still together, so it seems we were wrong.

When Heidi crashes the party (again!) (Season 5 Episode 1)


Heidi showed up uninvited to Lauren’s party, which she seems to do a lot. Unfortunately this party was on a boat, so there was no escape. Lauren was less than impressed (but her lipstick was on point) although before the party ends they have a tearful discussion. “You were my best friend, but you’re dating this person who did really mean things to me, and I don’t know what to do.”


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