8 Truths About Coffee You Never Knew


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Whether you need a strong coffee in your morning ritual or a sip of a caramel latte as a treat, a quick diversion into your local coffee stop can leave you feeling extra sassy and take-on-the-world-able.

As busy career girls it’s hard to avoid the warm caress of our favorite coffee, but how much do you know about what’s under that cocoa dusted cream in your takeaway cup?

#1 Caffeine kicks in 15-20 minutes after you start gulping
After the caffeine hits, the effects can last between 8-14 hours, but keep in mind that after three hours you are at risk of the dreaded coffee crash.

#2 If you’re on the pill your coffee affects you more
The effect your coffee has depends on whether you take the pill (who knew). So if you’re on the pill, your coffee will hit you harder.

#3 Not all coffees contain the same amount of caffeine
Starbucks has double the amount of caffeine than a McDonald’s coffee in case you were wondering.

#4 Decaf doesn’t mean no caffeine
In reality, decaf means less coffee as it’s not possible to remove all traces– one to remember.

#5 There’s more caffeine in coffee than most energy drinks
Most of us wouldn’t trust necking Red Bulls all day (every day), and considering caffeine disrupts sleep and increases anxiety, it’s smart to keep track.

#6 Caffeine can help you get more from your workout
There are better times to get your fix such as before hitting the gym (this may be counter-intuitive if you choose a cream topped mocha though).

#7 Coffee has more flavors that wine (better get testing that one)
Coffee taste notes exceed 300, leaving wine behind at around 250. If you don’t believe me feel free to arrange a tasting session immediately.

#8 It would take 100 coffee cups to actually kill you
If coffee is your major vice, don’t worry too much. If you do want to cut out coffee, remember, coffee withdrawal is very real. Reduce your intake slowly over a month to help the process be a lot less shaky.

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Hannah Gransden

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  • dreamofadventures

    I love coffee, but had no idea that it has more flavors than wine, good to know =o)


  • Kristina

    wow I actually learnt a few new fact here :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    These are all really interesting facts. I had no idea coffee has more flavours than wine!


  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

  • Hannah Lucy

    Uh coffee, I couldn’t go without it!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Amanda

    Thanks for always bringing some joy and relaxation to my day with your awesome posts. Keep up the good work, always. xx

  • WineAndWhine

    I love coffee, especially one before an early morning run, it works a treat x

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Used to be a coffee addict! Didn’t even know some of the things mentioned here!
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Elise

    Ha! Interesting points. I don’t think I could go without coffee. One a day will do (and two on those extra-long days!). ;)


  • Elishia Chave

    I accidentally went without coffee for a week when we moved into our new apartment (we don’t have a bed yet so a kettle isn’t really a priority) and it felt sooooo good to have it again, but now I don’t need as much which is pretty great!


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