The 8 Types Of Guys You Will Meet On Tinder


There is almost nothing more fun than being in bed, swiping your evening away on Tinder. Especially when you are with your BFF, you are bound to have a hilarious night in.

For some reason, there are always the same types of guys you will come across on Tinder. From the Sexter to the ‘I am so culturally educated’ guy, here are the 8 types of guys that you definitely met on Tinder:

#1 The Hipster

He likes to think he is ‘different’ than the rest of the world (even though you can point out at least 10 other hipsters just like him). Everything mainstream is lame, he will always go for alternative restaurants, clubs, music and his friends will probably think you are too common and mainstream (”She shops at Zara, dude”). Often they are very nice, but sometimes just a bit weird.

#2 The group selfie guy

For whatever reason, there is always those type of guys that only show pictures with friends around them, making it impossible for you to guess who they are. Why would you even only use group pictures on Tinder?

#3 The WTF guy

That one guy that has pictures dressed as a unicorn, showing his butt and has the weirdest bio ever (something like ”Lets sauce in the tub together, ya dig? splishy splashy, giggle, giggle.”) and is often the funniest guy to talk to and, therefore, definitely worth a swipe to the right.

#4 The ‘I am such a traveler’ guy

In other words, the ‘I am sooooo culturally educated’ type of guy. That one guy that will  say that going on holiday to Bali and staying in a resort is ‘lame’ because you don’t experience the real life and culture of Bali, so you might as well stay home and book a fancy hotel there (seriously, STFU!). Wherever you traveled in the world, he always did it better and has cooler stories, well done bro.

#5 The lyrics guy

His bio is a lyrics, when you have a match with him, he will only talk in lyrics’ and, often, the funniest conversations come out of this.

#6 The ‘Wanna have sex’ guy

The most obvious one of them all, the guy that uses Tinder only for one reason: SEX. If possible, he tries not to even invite you to a nice date, but just ‘Netflix and chill’. They don’t waste time on small talk and just cut right to the chase.

#7 The guy who only has pictures with his prettiest female BFF

She is absolutely stunning, looks like the nice type of girl, and, is in every single picture he uses on Tinder. It is often his dream girl and he is looking for someone exactly like her (because she often friend zoned him or is his ex) to even come close to his ‘standards’. Often, he is the very nice guy, who is just a little insecure and hopes that the girl in the picture will one day becomes his girlfriend.

#8 The gym guy

Half-naked pictures everywhere! He is the one living the ‘healthy’ life and will only swipe right on a ‘fit girl’ that is as obsessed as him with the gym. His pictures include him half-naked in the gym, him half-naked in the bathroom, him half-naked with his protein shake and him half-naked anywhere else where it is appropriate to be half naked.

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  • MariaFrancisca B.

    This is amazing xD

  • LisaLDN

    Haha, this is too true and accurate! Great list!


  • Becca

    So accurate!

    becca | beccagiveslove

  • Marina Laduda

    I’m not on Tinder but.. thanks for the warning! Glad I’m not now :D :D

  • Camille Beygui

    Ahaha this is so funny


  • Ailyn Koay

    is there even a normal guy?

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