8 Ways To Eat Healthier Without Even Trying

photo: vanellimelli
photo: vanellimelli


It’s January, and we all know what that means: time for diets, healthy eating, and New Year’s resolutions. But no one is going to stick to a strict, limited diet, which is why over 90% of all New Year’s resolutions fail each year.

The best method of healthy eating is making small changes you can stick to, which is why our tips on how to subtly eat healthier are so effective. These small changes will quickly become normal and could have a huge impact on your health!

1. Learn to love Zucchini

Spaghetti, salad, tacos, you can swap almost anything for zucchini! It really tastes no different (no, really!) You don’t get the horrible heavy feeling after eating too much pasta, but can still enjoy a spaghetti Bolognese to its full potential! Plus spiralizers are great fun and an incredibly useful thing to have around.

2. Use Smaller plates

Your mind naturally thinks you should fill your plate, without any consideration of how big the plate actually is. So swapping for a smaller one, or even a side plate or breakfast bowl could help you reduce your portion sizes without even noticing, and without feeling any less full!

3. Always have a bottle of water with you

It’s so easy to reach for a can of fizzy drink (and no, diet drinks are not better!), instead of bothering to go pour yourself a glass of water. So fill up a big bottle in the morning, and carry it around with you, or have it on your desk at work. If it’s within reaching distance you are much more likely to sip during the day, and stay away from the dreaded fizzy drinks.

4. Buy frozen

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be super expensive, although it can feel like it. Fresh fruit, herbs, and veg are all more expensive than delicious donuts, and take more prep too! However, more and more supermarkets have started offering frozen fruit, veg, and even fresh herbs and the best part is you can buy them already prepared. Ready-chopped onion anyone? And you can take a handful and put the rest straight back in the freezer!

5. Start with veg

No matter what meal, start by dishing fruit, veg or salad, making sure that it makes up half your plate. Then you can fill the rest of your plate with other food such as protein and carbs, but with the veg already served there is naturally less room for the less healthy bits. It also means you’ll eat more veg which is always a good thing!

6. Embrace the Crock -Pot

Crock-Pots are amazing, you can make almost anything in them, and there are so many ways to make healthy delicious meals. They are basically magic, just chuck all the ingredients in, and hours later you will have a delicious meal. A busy person’s dream!

7. Keep a healthy snack in your bag

We’ve all done it; you have great intentions for a healthy day but then come about 3 o’clock, you are so hungry you grab any snack available, and it’s almost always chocolate, crisps or cake! Try keeping something like nuts, dried or fresh fruit or a low sugar snack bar handy, but make sure it’s something you actually like, or you might still find yourself heading towards that vending machine!

8. Sit to eat every meal

You know that horrible feeling when you’re eating chocolate and watching TV, and then you reach into the bag to find they’re all gone? Unsatisfying, isn’t it? Sitting down to eat every meal, and focussing only on eating means you will notice when you’re full and will appreciate your food more.

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  1. Love these tips! Needed this actually as I want to get back into shape after winter cravings… Yep, that’s my excuse.

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

  2. Great tips! So important to sit n eat that’s something my parents have imbibed in me right from my childhood! :)


  3. Why would you want to “cut carbs”? Carbs fill you up and give you energy. Sure, cutting carbs means cutting calories but calorie counting just leads to yo-yo dieting.

  4. Love this article. Totally agree too – I always always have a bottle of water with me. People think I’m kinda nuts but I realize sometimes when I think I’m hungry I’m actually just thirsty! X wordbyjessie.com/ @jjchase

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