8 Ways To Spend A Quiet (But Spooky) Night In This Halloween

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year. Which is good news for all Halloween enthusiasts, but bad news for those of us who just want to stay indoors without anybody knocking on the door for candy. If you don’t fancy going trick or treating or dressing up as Catwoman for a Halloween house party, here are ten ideas of how you can spend a quiet night in this Halloween!

Have your own spooky evening

There’s nothing stopping you from stocking up on candy (for yourself) and making a fort on the sofa. Put on your favourite horror films and dim the lights. Just because you aren’t going out doesn’t mean you can’t be a little scared.


Maybe you don’t want to get into the spirit of Halloween, and instead just want to be left alone to recover from the week you’ve had. Giving yourself some attention will set your quiet night in off to a good start. So turn off your phone, don’t check your emails, log out of Facebook and Instagram – everything can wait for a little while. You’re sick of seeing everyone in their costumes, anyway!

Scare your friends 

If you like all things creepy but don’t have the money, time or energy to actually go out this weekend, invite your best friends for a Halloween chill party. You can have popcorn, sofa forts, toffee apples and Netflix’s Halloween section waiting for them – meaning they can sleep at yours so you don’t get too scared. BONUS: You can share the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to each other while eating marshmallows and pretending you didn’t have a heart attack when someone knocked on the door.

Play with makeup 

Maybe you didn’t get invited anywhere this Halloween? Well, nobody needs to know that. Why don’t you give those Halloween beauty tutorials on YouTube a go in the comfort of your own home and Snapchat them to your friends as if you actually have a social life?

Read a good book

‘Tis the season of thrillers at the moment, whether you want to embrace Halloween and read Gone Girl or The Woman in Black or you’d prefer to pick up a book you’ve wanted to read for weeks but have had no time to, while everybody is out there’s no better time to get cosy, light a few candles and dive into a good book.

Have a pamper session

While the rest of your friends are shivering in their tiny cat costumes, you can run yourself a scented bubble bath with candles and mellow music. Treat your skin to a scrub and body butter and enjoy the time in the water – better than a quick shower before work right? We recommend using a pumpkin scrub or a great pumpkin scented bubble bath like this one from Philosophy. That way you’re still embracing the spookiness of the season!

Cook yourself silly

Maybe you carved a few pumpkins this week? Well, good news, we’ve got some creative ways to use pumpkin (PSL anybody) that you can attempt this Halloween while glugging a generous glass of wine and watching cheesy TV. Our fave is warming pumpkin soup perfect for freezing and heating up for lunch at the office with a bread roll. Yum!

Go to bed while it’s light outside 

Seriously. Halloween is scary. We won’t judge you for crawling into bed while it’s still light and hiding under the covers until it all goes away. Nobody likes to think of spirits walking the earth and creepy people in zombie costumes outside your door. Night night!

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By Samantha Maden


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