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Eight Ways You Are Probably Wasting Your Time

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We all know we are doing it – it’s just hard to admit. And it’s even harder to stop. I am talking about wasting your time on random things, that you may enjoy but clearly aren’t productive.

#1 – Social media

We all know how addictive social media can be. Our social media accounts are often are essential to promoting our business but make sure you don’t waste your time. When you find yourself watching a hilarious video on Facebook instead of doing something more productive, you know you’re wasting your time. Of course you can use social media in your downtime, but if you count up the amount of hours you spend just refreshing your newsfeed or clicking on something silly, you could probably have saved a lot of time.

#2 – Beauty time

It’s normal to like a bit of pampering, but when you’ve got freshly painted nails and you’re just sitting there airing them out you could check your emails or even do a couple of low-level exercises like squats. Of course we’re all for those days where you don’t do anything, but if you find yourself using beauty products as a procrastination device, then you need to set those polishes aside!

#3 – Makeup

We all love applying makeup, but sometimes spending ages on your makeup routine for something like going to the gym is a waste of time. Especially once you have a shower and have to do your makeup all over again. To avoid wasting time on your makeup routine assess when you can skip time and use a low amount or switch heavy foundation for a tinted moisturiser for an off-duty and glowy look.

#4 – Celebrities

You probably say you don’t do it – but let’s be real we all compare us to Hollywood stars and are way too interested in what the Kardashians are doing. It’s fun to have a look into the lives of others sometimes but when you spend time comparing yourself to famous people you’ll end up feeling bad about yourself. You have to remember that celebrities have teams of people that craft stories, lifestyles and looks for them, until you have a dedicated team you’ll never look or live like them.

#5 – Complaining

Let’s face it – things won’t change if you are complaining over them. We all spend a lot of time complaining about things when we could be using that time trying to change them, next time you find yourself starting on a moan, think about what you could do to make things better.

#6 – Always trying to impress people

If you are constantly trying to impress people you are not only changing your true self, but you will also never be really happy. You can never please everybody, so it’s important to be comfortable in yourself and know that some people just won’t like you.

#7 – Texting

Obviously there are important texts that need to be answered but try to stay away from constant texting or Whatsapping. If you find yourself stuck to your phone instead of doing important things then it’s time to leave your phone in another room and reward yourself with the conversation when you’re finished.

#8 – Staying up late

If you stay up too late at night you won’t be able to concentrate at work or school the next day correctly. That will result in you taking way longer than normal to complete simple tasks, not getting enough sleep will waste your time as you won’t be able to perform as well as you would on enough sleep. It’s important to have a good sleeping schedule, use an app or tracker to ensure you get exactly the right amount of sleep and shut down whatever you’re doing late at night. You’ll be grateful for those extra hours in the morning when you sort out your sleeping routine.


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  1. Sarah Lynn says

    Great list!
    I think we can all think of things we waste time on throughout the day or week. I would definitely add Netflix (you can really get sucked in!) and hitting the snooze one… or five… too many times! Lol.
    Sarah Lynn

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