9 Fabulous Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Sunday

Sunday is the least productive day by all accounts, it’s supposed to be a day of rest and recuperation where you get yourself ready for the first day back at work. But you can also make Sunday work for you, get a proper rest get things done and in the meantime get to grips with the rest of the week ahead of you with these simple steps for making the most of your Sunday.

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#1 Have a lie in
Don’t let tasks and demands pile up on you, get as much sleep as you want and enjoy having a rest before you go back to work.

#2 Get ahead of your weekly tasks
Take some time on Sunday to go through the tasks you want to accomplish for the rest of the week, it’ll take probably five minutes to make a good list you can come back to. Do it while you watch TV or brew a pot of tea, if you need a hand check out our article on creating the ultimate to-do list and actually getting things done.

#3 Indulge yourself
Eat whatever you want, run a hot bath, read a good book. Spoil yourself on Sunday because you know you’ll be hard at work by tomorrow. It’s important that you don’t forget about you, sometimes we can get so caught up planning for the future and being enthusiastic about our work or chores we can lose time for ourselves. Remember you are important too!

#4 Get a little cleaning done
Sunday is the perfect time to do a little bit of cleaning, don’t go overboard and don’t let yourself feel guilty about anything you leave. Identify tasks that will take a minute or less and do them, declutter your desk one thing at a time or pick those clothes up from the floor and put them in their proper place. You don’t need to do a huge tidy-up on Sunday just enough to lighten the load for the rest of the week.

#5 Watch some new shows
Of course, we all have our favourite shows, but by Sunday we’ve already watched the newest episode, so it’s time to find a new show to marathon with your spare time. We’ve done the hard work for you so check out our articles for perfect TV shows on Netflix and essential TV shows to watch in 2015.

#6 Socialise
Take time to call your friends and family and have a catch-up, a slow day like Sunday has everybody doing the same thing so having a chat and a laugh will help to make the day seem longer and get you feeling positive before work.

#7 Go for a walk!
If you’re so inclined, Sunday is a great day for going for a slow gentle walk. Weather providing, of course, it’ll help you to get some light exercise in between all the sitting around you’re likely doing on a Sunday but it’s also great to get out, inspired and breathe in the fresh air.

#8 Have a great meal
Sunday is the best time for indulging, give yourself permission to have whatever you fancy for dinner and don’t feel guilty for indulging. You deserve it!

#9 Relax
Make sure you give your skin some love and attention, use a good moisturiser and get ready for bed. Before bed start to wind down slowly, dim the lights and don’t read anything fast paced and gripping. Check social media and unwind, before putting all your devices away and getting your beauty sleep!

It’s more important to get time to yourself than it is to prepare for the week ahead, doing a simple thing like a to-do list will give yourself permission to only wander into a work state of mind on Monday, and you can spend time exactly how you like it! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to!

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  • http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk Lauren

    I’m going to relax and get planning some work – here’s to a weekend of PJS!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • http://wishuponthatstarx.blogspot.co.uk Jasmine

    I do a lot of these things and I can say that my Sunday’s are a lot better now!


  • http://missrenate.com Renate

    Good tips! I agree that you need to relax on a sunday, so you have enough energy for the next week with tasks!

    Renate | MissRenate.com | Bloglovin’

  • http://daniaustria.blogspot.com Dani

    Totally! I try to get everything here done, if possible. I like my Sundays rested but productive!

  • http://www.truthfullyella.co.uk/ Ella

    Great post :) Definitely going to be doing a few of these today!
    Ella xx

  • https://aspoonfulofnature.wordpress.com/ Anna

    this reminds me that I need to study instead of reading bogs hahah


  • elizabeth

    Actually, the best thing you can do on Sunday is go to church! That’s the way to get the most out of your Sunday!

  • http://www.mintnotion.com/ Eden

    Thanks for the tips, love this post!


  • http://www.missimogensmith.com.uk Imogen

    Couldn’t agree more with this list! Anything to beat the Monday blues! Sunday is indulgence day x

    Miss Imogen Smith

  • http://kirsty.ws/ Kirsty

    Great tips, I love using my Sundays for a good pamper session!

    Kirsty | http://www.kirsty.ws

  • http://www.lifeloving.co.uk Sally @ lifeloving.co.uk

    Great list! I actually find Sundays to be quite productive. I’d also add things like – get ready for the week ahead by making some lunches in advance (things like soup, or making more than you need for dinner, so you can freeze the leftovers) and getting your gym kit and workbag all ready and packed. Less stress on a Monday morning. A good way to unwind on a Sunday night is to get into a good book.

    • Beth

      Great idea Sally! I just didn’t think of it, maybe because I rely on convenience lunches which I should definitely stop doing! Packed lunches all the way! X

  • http://simply-mode.com Helena

    Such great tips! I agree Sundays should be all about unwinding, relaxing and setting yourself up for an amazing week. All of these definitely help you do that. Thank you for sharing!


  • http://Www.jessicaletchford.wordpress.com Jess

    That sounds really nice! I think a bit more thought into my weekends, rather than spazzing out on the joy of No Work, or trying to fit way too much in, would go a long way towards feeling relaxed and rexharged.

    Bring on Saturday!

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